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What are complications of spaying?

She has not acted normal since. She has been throwing up, had blood in her stool and wont eat or drink. Been back to the vet 3 times and she is currently there being watched. We are baffled....xrays shows no intestinal blockage. My poor baby is miserable!!!! Any suggestions on the possible cause???the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, unable to eat or drink adequately, had a view stools but were also slightly bloody an blood from her rectum. The stools were firm so I was thinking a little irritation to the colon from the firmness, and of course from not drinking her urine was very strong and dark.
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so sorry for what your dear kitty is going thru I sure hope the Vets can find out whats wrong and help her!!!
I have an excellent very lengthy article on What Can Go Wrong...complications. just in case it doesn't open in the correct spot for you, you can find this info abt midway on the long page. #6 complications of spaying and there are many.
hope you find your answers. MAKE VERY SURE she is on IV fluids while at the Vets...as well as nutrition, NOT just being watched. keep us posted ok.

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Poor kitty.  I hope the vet figured out what was wrong.  It's obvious to me that the surgery is the cause of the blood in her stool and the vomiting.  I'd ask them if it's possible that they accidentally cut the colon during the spay.

Please, keep us posted.
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