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What can I do about my two year old male cat being aggressive

I recently posted that my 2 year old male cat, Charlie had become very aggressive towards my 16 year old cat. I have kept them separated but nothing has improved between them. To make matters worse, he has started to become periodically aggressive to other cats in the house. Long story-short, I got Charlie on the day he was born. His mother didn’t even clean him up after his birth. He has been my baby ever since.  When we got him, I already had three other cats.  So these cats didn’t come into his territory. They were already here. The 2 old cats (both 16 now) just ignored him. And the other cat befriended him. All of them have been spayed/neutered. Most of the time he’s fine with the others. But periodically it’s like he gets extremely angry with one and just loses it.  At times, I’ve thought that he was playing. But lately he’s just gone into full on attack mode. We have some outdoor cats that run in sometimes, and for the most part he ignores them even though one of the kittens rubs against him a lot.  The kittens are about 7 months old but very small. Tonight he attacked one of them. I broke it up right away but as soon as I walked away he ran towards her again. The poor little thing pooped all over the floor which seemed to anger him even more. I know that he is very jealous of us and the other cats so we don’t make a big fuss over petting anyone anymore. But idk what to do. I’m afraid someone is going to seriously get hurt. The thing is though, most of the time he lives in total harmony with everyone else. He sleeps beside two of them regularly. But then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. We’ve tried diffusing pheromones that we got from the vet but nothing has changed. Please help. Where did I go wrong in raising my sweet baby. He’s acting like a bully. When he gets too upset, I put him in a room by himself to calm down. I don’t go in with him because I don’t want to reward his bad behavior. And I know having his moms undivided attention would make him happy. Btw he never lashes out at ppl.  
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I'd take him in for a vet check to be sure something has not changed about his health. If he is dealing with something that makes him feel bad on a sporadic basis, he will likely be less pleasant to his roommates. I don't think I'd ascribe human emotions to the situation ("bully") but would treat it as, something is wrong, and something has upset his equilibrium. Talk to the vet first and foremost to be sure he isn't suffering from an illness or an injury, and then talk to a feline behavioralist.

Do the cats all have different catboxes and different food locations? I'd work on that as well.
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