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What do I do for my Kitten?

Help, I have a kitten that is about 32 days old and was stepped on by a friend on accident. It wasnt a full step, and the kitten began spinning around in circles and gasping. I then held the kitten and her breathing returned to normal. Her jaw was a little out of place and hanging open, bleeding. Eventually the bleeding stopped and i saw her close and open her jaw with no obvious pain. I laid her on a towel and she was moving her head around occasionally sneezing. She is now not sneezing and moving her legs around. She appears as if resting because both her eyes are closed but i know she can open one of her eyes. So what do i do next? I wouldnt prefer to go to the vet because of financial difficulty. And im not sure what to do.
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Nothing you can do at home, sorry, but kitty needs prompt veterinary assistance.  Most vet have payment plans.
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Hi Magic,

Pip is 100% right . Your baby needs to be evaluated by a vet. She may have internal bleeding. Which is life threatening. So just because she seems ok and resting, she could be bleeding inside.

This is an emergency--If you have an emergency Vet clinic where you are, get there now. They will sometimes even wave the fee, but Pip is right they can put you on a payment plan. They will NOT refuse your kitten medical attention. That is what they are there for.

This cannot wait. It could be nothing, and she is fine, but better to be sure then leave her suffering, right?

Please get back to us and let us know what her condition is.

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Hi Magic,

Please let us know how you kitten is doing---Did you get to the Vets?

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