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What is the brown/black stuff in my cats ears?

I found my cat under my mother in laws house....she was the only one out of 10 that would let me get close to her. Now she is living with us and she has dirt looking stuff in her ears and i have cleaned them twice and it is still there. Also she purrs constantly..is that normal? Oh and when can i get her fixed cause her urine is starting to get the ammonia smell and im not liking it too much.
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the dirt in the ears is ear mites... you can get otc med.s for that in any store that sells animal mechandise, the purring is most likely because she isnt used to having so much lovin! and thats her way of telling you that she loves you very very much! and the ammonia smelling pee yes it will dye down but there will still be an ammonia smell!!
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you can get her spayed anytime after about 2 months of age...usually between 3-5months. and get her first set of vaccinations too. has she had a good check up at the Vets yet and how old do you think she is?
The Vet will also give you some medication to treat those ear mites, they can get nasty if not looked after properly.
good for you for giving this kitty a home...
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I haven't taken her in yet...Im not too sure how old she is. I got her in August and some friends of mine said she looks about 5 months old. Would it be cheaper to just buy the otc or vet? I don't want to buy the stuff from the store and it not work. Anyone know how much it usually is to fix them?
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hi Hollie, sometimes cheaper isn't the way to go. I found this site to read about ear mites...it states OTC preps contain insecticides and DO NOT KILL the incubating eggs. therefore the infestation would only return.


I live in Canada and I'm just in the process of helping a friend out with paying for getting a female spayed, here its $190.
tht would be wonderful of you to take this poor little lady in and help her out, the mites can lead to deafness not to mention the discomfort.
And the spaying would be one less female contributing to the over population of unwanted babies...

bless you hon, keep us posted.♥

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