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What should I do if my cat is vomiting after being neutered?

This is my first cat, and he is 1yr 4months old. He is usually so playful and full of energy. I took him to be spayed on Thursday June 19, and they gave him another rabies vaccination when he has already had one a few months ago. When he got home after being spayed, he was pretty normal for the first couple days. Now it’s the Tuesday following, June 24, and he vomited 2-3 times yesterday and 2-3 times today. Can anyone tell me what u should do?
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Hi Candy, how's your boy doing?  We would love an update!
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It wouldn't be the rabies vaccination. Call the vet and get his or her advice about whether you should bring the cat in. Cats can get infections after being neutered, what kind of litter box does he have and what is in it? You want to rule out infection for sure. (I assume you are saying he is a male despite using the word "spayed," is that correct?) If he has an infection at the operation site, it needs to be handled with antibiotics and quickly. The vet might also counsel you that he is reacting to something else (such as the anaesthetic).
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Thank you for your reply. I called the vet, but they seem unconcerned. Yes it is a male cat, my apologies. The vet said wait two days and then bring him in if he is still vomiting and his litter box is just a simple plastic litter box. I use an arm and hammer litter liner and use good cat litter.
If he seems listless or feverish, I wouldn't wait. If it's just vomiting, it doesn't seem so serious.

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