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What's wrong with my cat?

A foreign friend of mine has to return to his home country permanently to take over his family business, so he decided to leave his cat with me. I love cats, but the last time I ever had one as a pet was when I was about 17 years old. I don’t remember much, since I had to move out of town for college when I turned 18 and left Rocco with my parents. My new cat Spunky, has been vomiting a lot lately, despite having normal appetite and temperature. What’s wrong with him? Immediately after eating, he vomits, but looks and acts fine after. I’m feeding him Blue Buffalo protein grain-free natural cat food for adult cats. It’s the one my friend has been feeding him ever since he got older.

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He might have a hairball. You could try giving him some Petromalt (get it at a pet store or at the pet section of a grocery store).
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Thanks for the tip! I'm heading out later after to work to go get some. Hope it works!
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