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Who Talks To Their Cats??????

We need something fun on this forum!!  I thought it would be interesting to see how many of us talk stupid to our cats!!  LOL  I've had many kitties over the years, and I swear to God, some of them look like they understand my baby talk!  I've had some cats talk back to me.  My kitty Skunkie ALWAYS talks to me.  

I'd love to hear some of your stories.  We NEED some fun on here everyone.  Let's make this fun!!  =)
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I have always talked to my cats.  I had a cat, Robear, who would talk back to me.  I would say something and then he'd meow like he was carrying a conversation.  It was a blast.  His sibling, Magnum, would cry in the middle of the night as if he realized he was alone and so I'd wake up and call his name and then he'd shut up - he just wanted to know somebody was there.  LOL!!!

Katy, our youngest (just over a year old), she is a HUGE talker.  I will meow back at her and then she starts to purr loudly and keeps chattering away.  It's hilarious!  

I even talk to Daisy and she's deaf!  LOL!!!  But, when I talk to her and she sees my face, she starts to meow and purr.  If I look at her and say something to her, she'll meow and run over to me.  

My mother's cat, Rusty, talks back.  If I tell him to get down off a table (which he knows he's not allowed on) he will meow at me and argue.  So, I'll tell him to get down again and he'll protest but finally get down!  LOL!!!!

Abby can be sound asleep and all of a sudden we'll hear her meow and then we'll say "what wrong sweetie" and she'll come running over to one of us meowing the whole time to get loved on.  She's done that from the time she was a kitten.

Roxy likes to come and sit in front of me and meow until I tell her to come up.  

I believe cats really love it when we speak to them.  I also believe that at some point they come to understand certain words.  If I say, "Do you want a treat!"  They come running and that gives Daisy the clue that something good is about to happen!  LOL!!!

I've noticed that my cats love it when I sing to them.  Whereever they are in the house, if I start to sing they will come running (accept for Daisy of course!).  

I think talking to our cats brings us closer to them.  THEY LOVE IT!!!
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Yeah! I talk to the Queen and she procedes to look at me like I am beneath her somehow! She gets energy spurts at my bedtime and woke the old man up in the middle of the night a couple nights ago when she pounced outta the closet onto his foor and bit his toes! Goooood Kitty!
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I have running conversations with mine.  Lucy is a talker anyway so she just yowls right back to me.  Taz has just within the last year started meowing.  It's the strangest thing- He never meowed.  Now he meets me at my car and tells me about his day.  That is pretty much the only time he talks except for a new isolated times.  Oliver will respond sometimes, but usually to put me in my place beneath him.  That's the siamese in him coming through- monster...  :)

I read somewhere that cat's only meow at humans.  They don't meow at animals or anything else-  I thought that was odd, but now that I think about it, it's true.
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venus and i carry on conversations. usually it's her back talking me when she's getting yelled at for whatever bad thing she decided she HAD to do. but she's very talkative. she's always saying something.
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Thanks for sharing some great stories!!!  

Janet-I've never had a deaf cat, but I've always thought that their other senses would become much stronger to make up for the lack of hearing.  Daisy, is probably better than many other cats at sensing feelings.  No wonder you have such a great bond w/ her!

Teko-LOL Ya gotta love it when the cat wakes the old man up.  Especially if you go to bed POd!!  LOL  =)

Aligator-That is really cool that cats only talk to us humans.  I never thought of that before!  It sounds like you've got quite a few kitties!  Ain't it hard to have just one???  LOL

Heather-Honey, I was just waiting you to pop on over to this poll!!  I just freaking knew that you talked to Venus.  LOL  =)  That's hilarious that she back-talks when she's POd.  My mom's cat does that too.  My mom has 5 cats and Kramer, her big fat giant 25 pounder is famous for "going off" when we try to bring him in from outside and if ,God forbid, he's not ready.  He'll run to every door and window and look at everyone in the face and hiss.  Or, if you yell at him he'll hiss!  I've never seen any cat ever do that before.  He is too much!  LOL
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I've always talked to my cats and dogs. I even talk to myself, lol.
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I've got 3 right now- would like more but can't.  I moved and left my cat at home so I got 2 kittens.  Just had to have a cat and wanted it to have a friend to play with.  Then I moved home 3 months later and now have 3. :)

Does anyone "let" thier cat(s) sleep on the bed with them?  Do they take over and pin you down?
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My cats sleep with us. I have one who's my daughter's cat and she tends to sleep with her and my cat is the oldest and she sleeps on our bed. Yeah, she tends to like to curl up in the crook of your arm making it impossible to be able to roll over or even move!
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with venus it doesn't matter if we let her or not if she wants in bed....she will be in bed. lol. and she takes over. i've been kicked off my pillows more than once. she's still mad at me b/c she's grounded today. she's been mumbling under her whiskers at me all day. in fact she's doing it now. she's about to get the "mommy look" here soon if she doesn't stop.
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Our cats sleep with us too.  My mother's cat, Roxy, has decided that my pillow just above my head is her spot when Daisy is not there.  If Daisy is there, she will sleep between hubby and I and half the time she ends up with the whole upper bed - because she stretches out competely.  She has to be touching her back and front paws on hubby and I the whole time.  Rusty likes to sleep on top of me and so does Daisy.  She likes to sleep on my chest and will curl up and sleep that way all night.  On those nights, I don't dare sleep on my side or I would get yelled at!  

Boy, do they own us or what?  LOL!!!

ZQ - Yes, Daisy being deaf was difficult in the beginning.  As a kitten, I wasn't sure how to settle her or tell her no about jumping on counters, etc.  One day I was trying to figure out how to get through to her and calm her because she sees things.  She would be sitting there and all of a sudden look down the hall and freak out.  She'd get scared and hide and nothing was there.  We have always felt she sees to the other side.  I hope I don't sound weird!  I also think she sees my cat, Robear (who passed away 6 months after we brought her into our home).  I think he has comforted her.  Anyway, this one day, I took her sweet face between my hands and looked into her eyes and told her that I love her and that she was safe.  She stared back at me and sat there mesmerized and that is when we formed our connection.  After that, things were so different - she stopped being fearful   Prior to that I couldn't walk up and touch her if she was asleep I had to stomp my feet so she would know I was coming or else she'd startle.  But after that, she knew when I was coming before stomping my feet and would look up and purr.  She is usually waiting at the front door when I come home from work and I come home at different times - never the same.  My hours are so sporadic.  
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Alligator-Yeah, whenever I tried to get one kitty in the past I'd always wind up feeling bad and getting another kitty so the other one wouldn't be lonely.  My cat now is 16 and she won't put up with another kitty.  I tried it, since I'm gone so much and didn't want her lonely.  She about tore up the other cat.  She kicked his booty...BIG time.  She had this young 2 yr old male crouching in a corner.  LOL  He was such a sweetie, and I hated to have to get rid of him.  I had him for a week and my kitty wouldn't eat and wouldn't wash herself, and I wasn't about to let her get sick over another cat in the house.  That was too much stress for an older kitty to deal with.  Thank God my mom's got him.  I can see him whenever I want to.  Both cats pics are in my profile.  Check them out!  =)

Janet-HMMMMM, wonder what was freaking Daisy out in the hall???  Let's see, do I want to freak you out and say that it could've been spirits that she saw.  LOL  I DO believe in spirits, and I know that animals see them.  I've had a few freaky experiences
over the years that I know for a fact involved spirits.  No question!!!  

It sounds like you and Daisy do have a wonderful connection and my gut tells me that she understands you.  I can tell! =D
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I always talk to cats! Mine, and others! Most are great listeners, and I love when they talk back! Sometimes I try to meow, but usually just praise them for good behavior and general cuteness. "Good kitty!"
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Who in their right mind wouldn't talk to cats - except maybe dogs.

I talk to my cats (and dogs) but a few days ago I yelled at one of our cats because he chews wires and he chewed the wire connecting the modem to the power bar.  I can't repeat the language but it was something like !&%#$!  He just rolled over and wanted a belly rub.  How could I possibly "punish" or discipline him.  The one wire we left unprotected and he found it.  Maybe he's trying to show off for our floozy cat, Laverne, who is Skunkie's "competition"  = )

Cats and dogs have been a real comfort and source of support for me, even Anakin who chews wires and Icepick who leaves dead mice on my bed (he must have been watching The Godfather).

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I talk to my 3 cats and my dog, I've even learned to purr for short periods of time. But growing up, I would talk to the cows, goats, sheep, chickens, guinea pigs,and of coarse my cats and dog.

Tiger my oldest cat doesn't talk back unless she wants something- loves, food, water usually with a purr-meow or a loud meow. she does her own thing (sleeping) most of the time. I can't say I blame her, she is 20.5 yrs. Don't let her old age fool you, she has no problem running up to me dig her claws in my foot or shoe then running off like a 6 month old kitten.

Katie is a talker. She meows when she wants out and she tells me about her day if she went outside. and if I'm late for bed, Katie will tell me all about it. we talk back and forth, sometimes she starts to purr (about 90% of the time s*cks her paw). If Katie isn't upset I late to bed, she'll go to bed with me under the blanket with her head on the pillow. even if she upset I'm late, by morning she'll sit on my chest and start poking me in the face meowing (I'm hungry, get up) I grab her as I turn and she's happily purring in a warm spot.

Simba talks back and I'm sure he understands some English. he has some health problems now, so he's not much of a talker now days. but I talk to him anyways, it seems to sooth him and I rock him like a baby. when he doesn't feel good, he sleeps with me and Katie. he takes a 1/4 of a queen size bed all stretched out. 1/2 the of the time Simba is on one side and Katie is on the other.
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My Sativa is quite a loudmouth and I think it would be rude not to hold up my end of the conversation, but I'm pretty sure the other people in my building refer to me as 'the crazy cat lady', because I speak in pigeon feline,  half meows/yowls half broken english.  She seems to understand me.  I say 'let's go for a walk.  get your jacket  (her walking harness)  and she walks to the backdoor!
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Ps.  I heard that too... cats only meow to humans.  I think they are trying to imitate our speech patterns.  I swear my cat says a whiny 'no' when I pick her up and not ' meow' at all.  
Also, I think when they chatter to birds, I think that is their attempt to sound like a bird.   It makes sense.... kind of like sweet talking them into not flying away.
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That trips me out when  I hear you talking about putting your kitty in a harness!!!  =D  How in the world do you get a cat used to that?????  There are a few kitties that I've tried the harness on, and when I have them outside they just sit there and are scared to death to move.  LOL

PS-Yes, that does make sense that cats talk back to us because they're imitating us!!  I seriously never thought of it like that!!  How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!  =D

SO NICE TO SEE YA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You need to come visit us once a month, so we know that you're not cheating on us!!!  LOL
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Simba does chirp and squeak when he watches birds or when he's picked up. however when he 'tries' to haunt his stalking is good until he is close enough to pounce, he meows instead of chirp. and his prey gets away. anytime I've seen him do this, he looks around with a "what did I do wrong' look on his face.
Simba did walk in a harness when he was little. Katie and Simba come if they are called by name or they hear their kitty treats.
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I have been around cats since I can remember.  The cats that have been mine talk, understand, conversate, and answer me.  They not only talk, they disagree, also.  Besides all of that, my cats are not cats, they're human.  ;)

I had a wht siamese cat that I caught on film during  conversation he had w/me and the fam.  Everytime we watch it, we can't believe it!  He answered all of our questions and followed our instructions too.  Poor cat!  He was the best!

One of the cats that I have, now, is bilingual.  She'll be 13 yrs young this yr and she speaks/understands 2 languages.  She also shakes he head in disapproval, disgust, or just plain rebellion.  She knows what outside means when I ask her.  She walks towards a door.  Din-din is dinner, she knows and goes to her feeding area in the kitchen.  She understands No!  When she wants to go out or wants something she can't have.  She'll sit or lie down humbly.  The No!  is accompanied w/head gesture also.  That's always been part of my training process.  I've had up to 6 cats, and they all know they're individual names.  I never thought that was possible, but it is.  
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Yes!  I've had up to 4 cats sleep w/me on the h2o bed.  They each pick a spot whether it's at the foot, on the side, on top of the 9-paneled canopy, or on the shelf at the head.  Each one gets their own spot.  They're veRy territorial.  And, they each have there own perches/beds and sleep w/me & DH every night.  Unless, they're out prowling around all night.  
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As far as the harness goes,I think it is a matter of how much the cat wants to go outside.  When I got Sativa she had been living on the streets and always wanted to go back outside.   She would howl and wail all day long.  At first she didn't like wearing the harness at all, would just lay down or walk backwards lol, but as soon as she realized that wearing the harness meant she got to go outside she could care less about it.  I have to watch her close, because every so often she'll wriggle backwards out of it.  

Oh, and I get offended if my girl doesn't sleep with me.  

I know!  It is fun to be on here again =)  note to self.... make time for fun!
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This isn't about cats but I saw a guy with four ferrets on a harness, rather like those used when taking multiple dogs for a walk.  Cats with a harness I've seen but ferrets?  That was just bizarre.

Now back to cats.  Sorry for disrupting your thread ZQ.

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I had a cat that lived w/our fam for 18 yrs.  She just didn't come bck home, one day.  Anyways, when we lived in Redondo Beach, I tied 2 50 ft. dog leashes to a sm. dog harness and took our cat to pic-nics/sun-bathing @the beach.  This cat just had to know everything I did, or our fam.  She loved for me to take her everywhere even if it was just down to the corner store.

Well, after just hanging near the boardwalk, near the beach-homes.  She wanted to know why I kept going about 75 ft away from her and coming back wet.  We moved closer to the shore and she began inspecting the ocean waves ascending/descending.  She was truly the best cat that I've ever had.  I wish they  would last forever and speak English too.  O:-)

It was funny bc ppl would comment on "THE CAT @THE BEACH!!!"  
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Savas talks to his cats constantly.

He blames them for the general state of the economy in the world and wonders why they refuse to do something about it.

As far as Savas is concerned, his cats are a bunch of lazy slackers who sit around all day having Communist Party Meetings, sleeping, and eating.

Savas says if they don't all go out and get jobs soon, he's going to cut their food allowance down so low they'll be eating reprocessed kibble!!!
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