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Why does my cat have diarrhea?

I've taken Hunter in to see the vet twice.  The latest was just today.  My poor baby had a painful bout of diarrhea on Friday.  He let out a howl like I've never heard from him before.  The vet saw him on Saturday and again today.   On Saturday he was prescribed antibiotics and probiotics.  Today he was prescribed a pain medication.  He was given subcutaneous fluids both times he saw the vet that had vitamin B12.  Today they also gave him a pain medication.  He doesn't have much appetite for his regular food.  He has been at least eating a little bit of it and a few treats.  He eats freeze dried salmon like it soothes him, so I give it to him, because he needs to eat something.  I'm really worried about Hunter, because he's also FIV+, which means his immune system isn't really functioning properly.  Hunter is my sweet little buddy.  Even the vets were impressed with how sweet natured the little guy is.
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My new baby Zoe was doing the same thing a few weeks ago,and her get said she had parasites,bcuz I thought she had worms,butt definitely ask your get to run a check ✔on his stool sample.
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Hi FM, just checking on Hunter.  How's he doing?
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The normal stool is an encouraging sign.  I think that eating or not; if either the antib or de-worming wasn't helping, the diarrhea would of continued to be severe.   And you're doing a great job getting him to eat, too, as I know you're not a novice in dealing with a sick kitty.  I only asked about the treats to make sure they weren't 'Temptations' or something.  That product did a number on Jade's tummy when she was alive.  The de-worming can affect kitties appetite as well.  

Hopefully by tomorrow Hunter will begin to feel more like himself.  

Keep us updated.  xo
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Hey FM...was the vet able to take a stool sample to test for parasites?  I know he's indoor, but I believe you take him outside on leash, right?  

Besides Hunter's  lack of appetite...which can be due to the antibiotic for sure...has the diarrhea gotten any better since the first incident 3 days ago?  

The main thing right now, is to get him eating more.  Annie gave you good advice.  Btw, are the 'treats' the freeze dried salmon?  
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Yes, they took a stool sample and they dewormed him as a precaution.  Yes, the treats are freeze dried salmon.  I'm just trying to get him to eat something.  I told the vet that's what I've been doing, and she said that was fine.  They took blood samples today.  I'm waiting for the test results.  The diarrhea is definitely better than it was on Friday.  Mostly because he hasn't been eating a lot.  I did notice something encouraging after I posted my question: I found some normal stool in his litter box.  It wasn't much, but it was good.  That's a small relief.  I'm still concerned, but a little less so.
Isn't it hilarious when we are super delighted by the sight of a poop? :)
Lol, right???  Jade was an outdoor girl, and I remember being Obsessed with catching her 'going' to make sure her poop looked normal.
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You might try some Gerber Baby Rice (which comes as a flaky powder) or Gerber Baby Oatmeal, mixed with something that will be palatable to him, like sardine oil or mashed salmon. The idea would be to give him something that would block him up. Kitties sometimes get constipation from rice.
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