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Young cat being sick but acting fine

It all started on or around the 16th January. With no change to his diet or routine my cat began being sick every other day. To start with with thought it was just because he is so greedy, will eat anything left lying around and also he likes to lick the soap bubbles out of the hand basin. So we shut all bathroom doors and were extra careful that he didn't eat anything he wasn't supposed to. When the physical sickness carried on I took him to the vet on Monday 20th January who gave him some injections to settle his stomach and sent me away with antibiotics, an acid reflux syrup and instruction to feed him chicken and rice for three days. This worked, we had no sickness all week and by Friday 24th January he was well enough to be neutered (as he is now 6 months old). Unfortunately, one of his testicles had not dropped so he had an invasive procedure. When he came home later that day he had terrible diarrhoea and the sickness began again. I have changed his food again (slowly) to biscuit and a small amount of tuna morning and evening. Fresh water always available. But he is still being sick. In this time he has never looked or acted sick. He is his usual happy self. He has bright eyes, clean ears, well groomed fur. He his playful, affectionate and has a healthy appetite. Please help me, any advice will be much appreciated.
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Hi there,

I just finished reading your comments. My personal feeling is to not
let your kitty lick soap bubbles out of the hand basin. There are many
ingredients depending on the type of soap that your kitty could be
allergic too. Did the vet tell you to change his diet to biscuits and
a small amount of tuna morning and evening.  You say he is only
6 months old, so he's just a young kitty. Is this what I can only refer
to as tuna people eat too ? You have to be careful with feeding your
cat " people tuna "  It's not advisable to feed your kitty " people tuna ".. You said " he is still being sick".  The tuna may not be agreeing with your
kitten. Personally, my advice is to take your furbaby back to your vet
for a follow up to the neutering procedure . At this time you can also
tell your vet that your kitty is still not well,  tell the vet what you're
feeding your kitty and what he or she advises. Perhaps one of the
other pet parents has some suggestions for you. I wish you both well.
Eve ( mother of Sammy the cat )
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Hi SS,
I am with evewisewomen all the way! SOAP BUBBELS????? Seriously?

We would be sick too if we were licking soap....maybe it is the newest drug on the scene for cats??

One thing I will add is perhaps this sickness has to do with the procedure. Sometimes the drugs used for surgery are not handled well by kitties. This could just be a coincidental sickness and not the first issue--which by the way was What? Did your Vet find the cause or just treat the symptoms

Poor little guy. After you see the Vet let us know the outcome and the diagnosis if you wouldn't mind? Thanks

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hi I'm curious....is he still on the antibiotics?? this second bout could be unrelated to the first..and many antibiotics can cause a gastric upset....

I'm also wondering abt his diet, can you tell us exactly what brand and type of food you are feeding him please...

if he seems healthy otherwise, not sickly than the vomiting is very likely due to diet or medications....or *burp* soap bubbles if hes getting into them or anything else he shouldn't be eating...*burp*
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My vet once said to me, "Everyone, when they think of feeding a cat, think of  cream and tuna.  But both things are bad for cats."  If it's just regular tuna like a human would make into a sandwich, make a change.  Try some chicken-based canned food.
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Hi and thank you all for your responses! No more bubbles for my little kitten! We are extra careful to clean the sink after every use and shut bathroom doors. I have never fed him people food (apart from chicken and rice as instructed by the vet). I apologise, I should have been more specific, I have been feeding him whiskers kitten tuna in jelly pouches and some go-cat kitten biscuit. This wasn't specifically instructed by my vet, she just said to slowly change his diet back to cat food from the chicken and rice he had been eating. He is currently on no prescribed drugs or anything of any kind. He was only on the antibiotics for 5 days. He is booked in for a post neutering check up with my vet on Monday but I was hoping for some advice in the meantime. Can anyone suggest a good kitten food to maybe settle his stomach? My poor little guy has diarrhoea again and does a little fart every time we play :(
Sam and Loki Kitty
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Oh that is so cute--kitty farts!!!

The best food I have found is Weruva. They have a tuna one that is yummy and juicy enough for a kitten. My cat has no teeth and will not eat anything else. I would say perhaps mix it with some rice again to firm up his stools until you see the vet. Rice is binding.
Hope that helps
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poor baby....:(( his tummy is really feeling yucky...
I'm pretty certain its the grains....many/most cats cannot digest grains in their food..grains are added to cat food because they are a cheap filler...much cheaper than the manufacturer adding something like 'real' meat..the 'jelly' that is in the pouch is full of carbs/grains thats how they thicken it, so I HIGHLY recommend you stop feeding that for sure, I would also recommend NOT feeding tuna or any fish everyday..fish is way too high in mercury. try chicken or beef.

Go to a good pet supply outlet and buy a brand that is grain FREE...there are many, but they are NOT available at grocery stores or walmarts. they are a bit more expensive, but much cheaper than Vet bills!!!!

change over to the new food slowly, so Loki gets used to the new food, its like taking us off candy and giving us vegtables so she won't like the taste at first...start with 1/4 new mixed with 3/4's old diet.

I disagree with using rice....that is a grain too. the best thing you can feed is fiber. get a can of PURE Pumpkin at your grocery store, make sure its the pure pumpkin and NOT pie filling thats full of spices. mix abt 1/4-1/2 teaspoon in the food at each meal....when the diarrhea stops use less.

CM yes Weruva is a good diet, as long as its the grain free one and I think all their products are.

134578 tn?1578161083
If the goal is to block things a bit so there will be no more cases of the runs, I don't know that I'd recommend fiber quite yet.  Hard-boiled eggs have a binding effect without the grain aspect of rice.  But have to say, I've never had a cat be too troubled by eating a little rice in their food.
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Sam I am going to copy and paste a few lines from Dr. Piersons site....you can read her full site on nutrition if you go to www.catinfo.org
Read what she has to say about a fish based cat diet....

Quoted from Catinfo.org


When looking at the ingredient list on a label, it is very important to keep in mind that the label tells us nothing about the amount of each ingredient.  This is where the issue of composition (discussed below) helps us out.

For instance, if you see species-inappropriate, ingredients such as rice, potatoes, peas, broccoli, blueberries, etc., on the label, you know that the amount of these inappropriate items must not be very high if the carbohydrate level is low.

On the other hand, if we are dealing with a known allergy to any ingredient, we do not want that ingredient to be present in any amount so that is where the ingredient label does provide value.

Here are a few general guidelines that I like to focus on:

    Feed canned food only (or homemade) - no dry food.

    Stick with poultry (chicken and turkey) and rabbit as the bulk of your cat's diet.

    I like to see liver in the diet but not as the first ingredient.  Liver is high in vitamin A and D which can be overdosed.  Liver only represents ~5% of a cat's natural diet.  Liver is cheap which is why it often appears first on the list in some diets.

    Fish - I do not feed fish to cats for the following reasons:

    high allergy potential (manifested as skin allergies or inflammatory bowel disease, and possibly asthma)

    toxin/mercury contamination

    PBDEs (fire retardant chemicals) - PBDEs are potent thyroid disruptors

    often high in phosphorus and magnesium

    highly addictive - the cat will not eat anything else

If you want to feed a fish-based food as a treat, please limit it to once or twice a week.  (I do not feed any fish to my cats.)
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