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The vets are all closed at this time of night...even the pet hospital is closed...UGH!!! So much for emergency hours.

Shaved the hair back to reveal a large abscess...black in  center ( about half an inch long ) red around that for about an inch. This is on his side...so odd place for another cat to have bit him, but not ruling it out.
Have applied peroxide...also a hot compress to see if it would start to drain...nothing.
Any ideas? Try popping with a needle?
The black area, imho, looks either like a scab, dead, or blood poisoning.
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I do hope that now that 10 hours has passed that you have contacted a vet or gone to the vet hospital with your kitty.

Let us know how it is going with your kitty and you.

Good luck

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Hello there,

Not a good idea to use a needle to pop an abscess. This sounds quite
dangerous to me. This could lead to an infection or make the abscess
worse. Definitely sounds like a visit to the vet for your kitty is needed
to attend to this abscess. Eve
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Glad to say that he's fine now. Either someone hit him with a rake or he jumped and landed on something. Guess it's better than a cat bite.

Doc shaved him,  put a hot compress on it, then some disinfectant, and within a few minutes the black spot was gone, and it began to show three rectangular shaped holes.
Poor kitty. Doubt he'll try to sneak out of the house any time soon again.
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good, you did get him to a Vet and he did what was needed...glad to hear its better now. strange it showed 3 rectangular shaped holes...if the Vet suspected a rake the holes must have been huge....just glad its taken care of♥
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