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accupressure for cats-anyone tried this??

I found some videos for accupressure for tmj and migraines and found I got some relief, particularly the tmj pts. This led me to wonder about trying this for Spirit's arthritic shoulder and the sneezing she's been suffering from if she's not in my humidified bedroom. Has anyone tried this? I'm not having any luck finding the specific direction for her that I found for myself-just a general massage you can do for overall health and mood that you do down either side of the spine while petting your cat. Any input/help appreciated. (When I get some $$ will try and find some books on this-I have some people books on the topic)
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hi, no I haven't tried this myself but I know many that do, there are even holistic Vets out there that practice acupuncture &/or acupressure. Just be gentle I'm sure Spirit will loveeeee it..-)
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found this site, don't know if it gives any instructions or is it just an add to sign up for the course??? anyway thought you maybe interested...-)

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I'll have a look-thanks!!
I did try the parallel spinal thing on Spirit; at first she kept trying to see what the heck I was doing, then she settled down and seemed to enjoy it for a few minutes, the got bored and wandered off. I'll keep trying!
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Hi my cat has arthritis in both his back hips and legs and was showing slight discomfort in some movements I bought him a Bio flow collar which was quite expensive at £30.00, but the change in his mobility is amazing and he shows no signs of discomfort,  obviously it won't cure him but it definitely eases any soreness he was in.
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I'll look into this and availability here-where did you get it?
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my recently acquired ragdoll has diabetes and is over grooming and leaving sores. yesterday holistic vet gave us some homeopathic liquid to put on food and plans to acupuncture if this does not help. today a different woman did some energy work on him and it was magic. he has been relaxed and not grooming obsessively all afternoon. i still give him insulin 2x daily but hope the stress responses will diminish. i will try anything to prevent euthanasia but my budget is tapped so i am down to freebies and prayer. i have named him beemer as he has cost me big bucks. wish me well. babs
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