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adopting a second cat for my deaf cat

Hi, a couple weeks ago I posted a question regarding deafness after an ear flush.  Samantha remains fully deaf three weeks after the incident.  She is on prednisone and an antibiotic but the neurologist said it doesn't look likely that the hearing will return.  Please do not get your cats ear's flushed unless their life depends on it because no one tells you that it can change their life in an instant. We are both traumatized by this.  

Samantha is very clingy and wants to be near me at all times but I have to leave her alone to go to work.  I don't want a second cat because I am allergic and adding another to the mix will likely increase my allergies or at least cause a few months on intense allergies until I adjust (it happens every time I get a cat), plus I can't afford the additional costs, but Samantha's needs outweigh my objections and I think she would feel happier and safer with a companion to be with her at all times.  

What kind of cat (age and gender) should I adopt to go with a two year old deaf maine coon mix rescue cat?


Samantha's mom
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oh, I should add (though the name gives it away), Samantha is a female and I am wondering what type of cat is best in terms of a younger cat or older cat, male or female, to best integrate into the household with a 2 year old deaf female cat .
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well......I'm just not sure if getting a new member of the household is the best of ideas right now with Samantha's troubles...poor dear, this is sure upsetting that no warning of this is explained...was it a done by an experienced Vet? was it their mistake that caused this??? sure good to know, that this is a possible outcome.

I think right now she is feeling very lost and scared, thats why she is so clingy..and with a new kitty in the house this would be even more upsetting..b/c of her hearing loss she wouldn't be able to hear the kitty coming out to her and this would really be frighting...this is my opinion, others may have their own

I've just gotten a new kitten(by rescue) wasn't planning on one. I have 2 male cats 10&11 the kitten is a female, usually 2 of the same sex don't tend to get along..I know my boys were never friends, they just tolerate each other

I kept her in a separate room for the first week, the second week I slowly brought her out for an hour at a time...3x's a day and let them have a good feel of each other...no fights, just some hisses from my older boys.

by the 4th day of that second week she was out pretty much all day...supervised, but still goes in her own room at night.
it is going good, she loves the boys and wants to jump on them and PLAY...forgot how much kittens love to play!!!
they on the other hand aren't much interested in playing...so she kinda gets on their nerves...lol we have lots of time outs here!!

but NO fights so that is good

if you do try this you'll have to follow the same routine, get Samatha used to the smell of another cat...for at least a week before you try to introduce them...it may take even longer with her disability.

One another note....why is your Vet giving her prednisone? Does he really think this will do anything to restore her hearing?
steroids are also very dangerous for cats.....can lead to diabetes and other health issues...be warned!!! make absolutely sure this med promises some good returns before risking even more problems for her...

lets all keep discussing this everyone....whats your opinion on another kitty for Sam?
certainly please don't rush into this
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I don't think Samantha should be given a new cat friend just yet.  Later, once she has found her feet (and/or her hearing might have at least partially come back) she would be more certain of herself.  Right now, she has just been through a major life-changing situation, and a new cat (it would seem) would be just too much.

There are attorneys out there who take on animal cases.  If the first vet did anything that could be construed as malpractice, he or she should be called to account.
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Hi Mom,

I posted some info about your situation on your first post here. Perhaps you can take another look at it and find the Legal help you might need.

I too agree with Opus and  Annie on all they have posted.

I would suggest some Felaway plug ins to calm Samantha down a little. I have not used them but I have used the spray and it does seem to make things better.

Also does Samantha WATCH TV with you? Even though she cannot hear cats love visual stimulation, Animal Planet or there are some DVD"s just for Kitty entertainment you may want to put in her room. This might keep her from feeling so alone. Also limit her to one room when you are gone it will not be so overwhelming to her.

Poor Samantha is very needy now, and that is very natural. She is vulnerable without her hearing, so she feels stressed -----Mom keeps her safe, you he are ears.

......and I am so angry at you vet I could spit!!! I would surely sue the pants off that guy--at least to cover the cost of a NOW Special Needs kit.

Please know you did nothing wrong.. You only wanted to do right by your Sam. Whoever did the ear flush was inept. But now Samantha's story can help save some other little kits hearing. So we all learn by misfortune.....as long as we learn, it matters.

Love to you and Samantha
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Adding a legal doubt I had recently, not sure if is the same here in Brazil, but...
Is it possible sue a vet for prescribing a medicine  just for dogs ( antiworms) to a cat - even not having given the product for the animal and, as consequence, nothing  bad happened???
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Thank you all for your comments and to CML for the compassionate response to both of my posts. Samantha is very needy and I am giving her a ton of attention and love but I do know she doesn't like being alone. I will take the advice of not getting another cat right now, and it seems like a good idea to wait until all this settles before even thinking about adding another change. Thanks for the perspective.

It's been almost 4 weeks and she is still deaf with no sign of improvement despite being on prednisone for the inflammation and an antibiotic for the infection. I'm still struggling to accept that an ear flush could ruin her life like this and I am going to take the vet to small claims court and request they cover all the expenses of the MRI and subsequent neurologist visits.
I'd also like for patients to have to sign a waiver before having their pet's ears flushed so at least we would be informed of the potential dangers.

Poor Sami is so sweet and was full of young playful energy, but now she is like an old, tired cat who sleeps all the time. My heart still breaks each day for her. I hope that more time on the meds may offer some improvement. The vet wants to do another MRI in a week to see if things changed, but I don't know if I can spend another 3 grand on that. We'll see.  Sami has a safe place to live with someone who loves her, so she'll be okay, but I do miss her running around and being happy.

Thanks everyone.
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