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blind cat

help! i have a barn cat, about two years old, spayed, who has had one litter of kittens. about a month ago, she just disappeared, something she 'd never done before. after about 3 weeks she returned, incredibly thin, but otherwise okay. i fixed her a place up where she could feed without any competition from the other cats and i began feeding her canned food in addition to the normal dry food in an effort to put some weight back on her. she seemed to be doing well. she was eating and drinking and using her litter box, no problem. then, this morning my husband found her wandering aimlessly, kinda yowling, just not right. i think she may be blind. but how? why? i've never seen this before. my vet isn't in yet. can anyone suggest anything it could be?  thanks, taokitty
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What makes you think shes blind? she could just be sick, have you put food in front of her to see if she can see it?? Let us know, i hope shes ok
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