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can I use amoxicillan for my cat's eye infection

Hi- we got our kitten from our local animal shelter. I had just recovered from a serious upper respiratory infection that did permanent damage to one of her eyes. We took her because otherwise she would have been euthanized. Since then she keeps getting sneezy and her bad eye gets yucky. I take her to the vet, spend another$150 and give her antibiotics which clears it up. She recently started getting sneezy again along with running in her eye and I really cant afford another $150 right now, I have a bottle of amoxicillan 825 mg which i know is way to strong for her but I can cut this up. I started yesterday and she already seems a little better. Is it okay for me to do this?

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first of all.....GOOD ON YOU for taking this little one into your home and loving her, wish there would be many more people like you in the world!!

NO do NOT use your amoxicillan....the infection keeps rearing up because her immune system is very low....continued use of antibiotics will only make her no longer susceptible to it, besides like you said the damage to her eye is permanent...antibiotics will no longer help that.

an adult size tablet would be 100x's too strong for a cat!! and would kill her, its impossible to cut that low....Vets use pediatric size and still cut down

I will tell you what to get and it will only cost you under $20. I know its what my Vet tells everyone to use rather than antibiotics for URI ...so its not just coming from me..

buy L-lysine, its been proven to work as well or better than an antibiotic for this....L-lysine is an amino acid. I will tell you the best one on the market.and where I buy from, but you can also get at any HUMAN Health supply/Vitamin store, if you get a different brand just make sure its got no additives like sugar/salt/soy etc. the Vet clinics usually sell it too...but their brands are much more expensive and NOT as pure...

I order from iherb.com and their prices are very good, shipping is only $4 in the US. if you use my code you will get a $4 discount. SED957
Its in powder form and comes with a scoop. use 1/2 scoop (thats approx 600mg) for the first week than 1/4 scoop afterwards....she will need to be on this for a few weeks and again every time she has a fare up of symptoms..mix it in her food or if she won't eat it than mix with a tiny amount of water and give it via syringe

heres the link

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I am surprised that your vet has not given you the cream that you can actually put in kittens eye when it gets inflamed.  Yes a tube of it cost 35.00 but I have had my tube for a year now, only using it when Sophia scratches her eye and within 2 or 3 days with a daub of cream, her eye clears up.  It looks like a tube of Bactracin and must be ordered with a prescription, but that has saved me tons of money...

Good luck

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If the kitty had permanent damage to her tube that drains the eye, it will continue to be problematic her whole life.  This does not mean it needs to get infected each time, though.  I wipe my cat's eyes every night, he comes in teary from being outside.  He has never had an infection with this treatment.  Go with the lysine, don't dose kitty with human drugs, and watch out for overuse of antibiotics.  Good luck!
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Try feeding her some canned food mixed with pumpkin. This will up her vitamin intake. Also, add unflavored Pedialyte to her water. Over use of meds is not good for the immune system in us or in cats. You can also do apple cider vinegar diluted 25/75 with water. This is not exactly a cat's favorite but it clears of UTI's with in 48 hours so it may help her eye infection.
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I just wanted to make sure , Lisa, that you were suggesting the Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) to be diluted for DRINKING only not for eye drops.

Just wanted to make that clear.....and I drink that myself and cats are not the only ones that have a real distaste for it ---UGH!!!! It is the worst, but then I am such a drams Queen
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But of course! Absolutely NOT as an eyewash or for eye drops! #No
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