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cat is licking

My cat had fleas and he was constantly licking, fur was coming off and he lost weight.  Vet gave him a shot and a pill, he started to gain weight again and returned to his old self and bothering the dog and playing.  He stopped for a while but actually did have to have the shot and pill twice.  Where he licked the fur off in the beginning all grew back.  He is still his playful self but he is licking again and his hind legs are losing fur and one side of his backend by his tail.  He is eating, but he first time this happened he wasn't eating.  He is constantly licking.  About 3 months ago we did have to have our dog put to sleep, but don't know if this is the reason now or not.  We just got another dog two days ago and the cat and he aren't jumping to se each other, but they aren't running away from each other either.  I'm not sure what is wrong.
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......or a food allergy. Try feeding him a Limited Ingredient Food of Duck, or Venison--something he has never eaten before. It will take a while to see if the itching stops--but also worth a try.
Also could be stress from the lose of his friend. Ask the vet for an antihistamine to ease the itch in the meantime.
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Are you sure the cat does not have fleas again?  Frontline and other flea treatments have to be re-applied about once a month.  It sounds like he has flea allergy dermatitis, and if there are fleas in the environment all it takes is one bite to set off serious itching.
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