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cat losing balance and sleeping very soundly

9 yr old cat not walking properly-having trouble with balance, walking like its drunk and sleeping so soundly
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Hi tipper1

I just read your comments. I would suggest bringing your cat to your
regular vet as soon as possible. Option 2 - call your vet, you usually
get their receptionist. Tell the receptionist about your cat's symptoms.
These symptoms would be concerning to me ask them what they
recommend based on your cat's symptoms. Good luck finding out
what's going on with your kitty. Eve :) ( mother of Sammy)
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Please call your vet and tell them what is going on with your kitty....

If you use a vet on a regular basis, there are some less expensive
blood tests that can be taken and then compared with old tests that
you had taken at your cats regular checkups.

At the age of 9 cats oftentimes present symptoms like yours due to Feline Kidney Disease.  With the proper help and medication your kitty
may have some relief from the symptoms and enjoy a bit of a better health
though there is no cure for the Kidney Disease.

Good luck to you

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Kitty could have some type of inner ear infection.  Watch her eyes and see if they continue to move even though she is holding still.  Could also be a head injury, is she an outside kitty?  Either way it is best to get her in to see the doc asap.  Good luck.
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Took Tipper1 to vet this morning, and he was actully acting normal. The vet checked him over real good. She said it could have been a mini stroke or toxin. His heart sounds normal, ears are clear, no lumps, bumps. Just keep an eye on him and see if anything else happens.
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