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cat suddenly limping

I have a 13 year old Maine coon, 8 pounds (yes weight is low-hyperthyroid test pending). Always healthy til recent weight loss and now this possible injury. Strictly indoor, no claws, current vacs. Anyway, suddenly my cat came into a room I was in limping on his right front leg. Was walking normally 10 minutes prior and did hear him fall from a jump, etc. He allowed me to palpate the leg..no obvious breaks, swelling, temp change, or oddity other than lame leg. Pads on toes normal pink color. Did seem to show more discomfort when I palpated upper portion of humerus and shoulder. No grinding, popping, or odd feelings noted in shoulder when moved, but obviously painful by my cats response. He will put the foot down when sitting still, but will not bear any weight on it to walk. Nothing inbetween the toes or in the toes or foot, and no external injuries noted. Of course this happened late at night where the emergency vet is my only option which is very costly. Also of course its a holiday tomorrow, so my regular vet is not open til Monday. My cat seems ok and not very painful when he is still and resting. Eating fine. Wondering if this could be a simple strain or sprain where rest will help until I can take him to his regular vet on Monday. Or could this be more serious than it appears. Thanks.
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sorry, my bad proof-reading before posting.....I did NOT hear him fall from a jump or anything like that
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Hi, even though you didn't hear your cat fall, doesn't mean that he still might have landed wrong during one of his jumps.  He could also have some arthritis.  To me, this doesn't sound like it needs a vet visit.  I would give him a week and check for some improvements every day. If after a week if there's been no improvement, then I'd take him to the vet.

By the way, I hope that you're treating his hyperthyroid disease.  Hyperthyroid conditions causes a lot of stress on the heart-increased heart rate and heart murmurs.  And, 8 lbs for a male Maine coon is way way way too underweight.

Take care, and good luck to you!
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Thank you for your response. He is still getting around, but not using the leg of course. So far no improvement, but no noticable worsening either. As for the hyperthyroidism...he had a blood test done to check his T4 and I am awaiting the results..hopefully will have by monday. I unfortunately am too well aware of hyperthyroidism in cats...last month I lost my oldest cat who had the disease for 6 years. Was kept under control with medication, and then the disease progressed rapidly where meds didn't work and she suffered heart damage and sadly I had to let her go because she no long would respond to the hyperthyroid meds or heart meds. Experience with her is why I had my maine coon tested for this once the symptoms appeared.  Again thank you for your response, and hopefully this is just a sprain or even arthritis which is something I can help ease for him.
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I don't have a ton of advice but agree that he is a very light weight for a Maine Coon.  I have 3 Maine Coons.  I'll say some prayers for your kitty and for you.  Hopefully, the vet will find out why the weight loss and please keep an eye on that limp.  Maybe when you talk to the vet about the blood work mention the limp.  Good luck!

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Thank you for the response. I am finally feeling somewhat optimistic. I was petting my baby and he suddenly started to lightly kneed with his paw on the bad leg. Unfortunately, it is sad to see that this was painful for him, but at least it shows he's trying and that it is more likely a bad sprain rather than the worse case of a fracture or dislocation. Its just so weird and frustrating since there is no notable swelling or feeling of an obvious abnormality. Anyway, this slight improvement makes me feel a little better that he should be ok til Monday as long as he rests. Either way, monday we will be going to the vet and likely do xrays to make sure. (I hate to bring a "emergency" to them right after a holiday...but I would be a bad mom if I waited any longer).Thank you so much for your prayers...I greatly appreciate it.
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You're welcome.  I know how difficult it is - we love them as though they were our children.  I'm glad to hear of the improvement, but yes, be sure to still take him to the vet Monday just to make sure he's okay.  You're being a great "mom" and he's lucky to have you!  
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I agree w/ you.  It really does sound like some kind of sprain/ strain.  It sounds like it's improved some, too.  He probably landed wrong when he jumped.  Older kitties take a little longer to heal.  

You are NOT a bad mom waiting til monday.  It's not an emergency.  Actually, you sound like a good mom to me....you are responsible and looking out for your kitty.  That equals a good mom!!!   =D
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We have a cat with a similar problem. After much vexing and head scratching, I figured out that the large pad on one foot is noticeably smaller than the pad on the other foot.

As best I can figure, a previous unnoticed small abscess caused some loss to the pad area and possibly left some scar tissue which is now uncomfortable or painful for him to walk on.

You may want to compare the pads to see if there's any size difference. Of course, what are the chances you're having a similar problem over there that we're having? :-)
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I wanted to thank everyone for the responses and support. Figure I'd give an update. As for the leg...the vet did not feel any breaks, but there was a popping noted at the ball joint of the shoulder....but no gap like a dislocation. Since he is using the leg (just not normally) and the leg otherwise appears healthy, we are going to try a painkiller and rest. Might be a weakened or strained tendon that is not keeping the joint as snug as it should be. If not better after 2 weeks, we will do xrays...but there is a fear of bone cancer...which would be probably wide spread already..in which case due to his age I would just make him comfortable. As for his bloodwork...good news it...he is NOT diabetic or hyperthyroid. Unfortunately still left with the mystery of why he seems so hungry and so underweight dispite how much food he eats. Since his other bloodwork did not show any heart or kidney problems either...we are going to try a higher calorie diet.

Thank you so much everyone.
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Hi, about your cat whose one paw was noticeably smaller than the other because of an abscess, what did you do to heal it? I think my cat is going through a similar thing...

Help would be much appreciated!
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