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cat vomiting and not eating, vet was useless

I took my cat to the vet because she had stopped eating due to not be able to hold her food down. They did and an xray and found no obstructions. They said her stomach lining was swollen from her constant vomiting. The vet said that when cats throw up their stomach lining swell and it keeps swelling every time they puke and consequently they continue to puke when food hits their stomach. So they gave her anti nausea meds and re- hydrated her, the problem is that was only a temporary fix. She didn't eat when her anti nausea meds kicked in like the vet assured she would. $220 later, she is now back where we started. I researched force feeding So i could atleast do something to help her eat, i figure even if she cant keep it down it is worth a shot. I feel so bad for her and I don't know what else to do to help her. She keeps following me and wants to be with me every second to help her and it makes me so sad.
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Hello there,
Just finished reading your comments. The following information is from a
resource book I own entitled " Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook".
This information is a sub section of the chapter on The Digestive System.
Causes of vomiting
The most common cause of vomiting is swallowing hair or some other
indigestible foreign material, such as grass, that is irritating to the stomach."
Does your cat go outside sometimes? Could this be an issue?
Okay , a couple of questions. How old is your cat ?  Aside from the vomiting does your cat have other health issues?  What type of cat food
were you feeding your cat ? Is the food bought from a grocery store for
example or bought from your vet ? Does she throw up her food every
day?  You mentioned you were considering force feeding your kitty.
Please don't do that. I think that would make the situation worse.
I don't know what this involves ,but I can only imagine that this could
cause distress to your kitty and kitty will probably throw it up anyway.
Personally, I would find another vet. This vet does not sound like a
very effective vet and you said that your kitty is still throwing up
despite the anti nausea pills.  What kind of cat do you have ?
By this I mean is your cat long haired or short haired ?
I am hoping other members of this forum make some suggestions to you
regarding your kitty's throwing up issue.  I hope you get some answers.
Eve ( caregiver of Sammy the cat )
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It is not hairballs. She is indoor only. Medium hair tabby. Like i said, she Ajay had xrays. She's 7 years old. Her food is from the vet since she tends to get bladder stones and bladder infections often so she eats strictly. She also has a history of 'binging & purging' from eating too quickly which is most likely what started this current issue. Whatever the cause it is erelevent at this point. I just want to know how to make it stop and get her eating again.
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sorry for the trouble your kitty is having...I would guard against the Vet foods...prescription diets aren't always the best foods. Just be sure you are feeding her canned food!!!
Do you mean bladder crystals? a canned WET food diet would solve that issue....I can send you more info on that if you like.
and binging and purging also is commonly seen in dry food diets..:(

did the Vet do blood work and also check for HyperThyroid especially? vomiting is very often associated with HyperT. among other diseases of course but esp that one.

Cats must get nourishment and fluids b/c of the freq. vomiting she is of course in grave danger of dehydration....so definitely give her fluids via a dropper...has to be done very slowly so not to aspirate into her lungs.

No nourishment (or drastically reduced) will also lead to a condition called Fatty Liver Disease or feline Hepatic Lipidosis and this is often fatal quickly so she needs food!!!

I do think you need to start force feeding...however if she brings that all up than you aren't any further ahead are you....I prefer the term Assist Feeding. You must get to the bottom of what is causing the vomiting, did it start with a change in food?
did the Vet do blood work and test for HyperT?

Do you know how to correctly assist feed? so not to cause aspiration? I will send you a short excellent video on that. you will have to give her small amounts but often and hopefully she can hold that down.

I sure wish you both the best of luck.....if she wasn't given the tests mentioned you must get her back to a Vet asap....♥

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Hi, the Opus and Eve gave you some great info!!  Please, tell us what the blood work showed, if you had it done.  If you haven't had it done, it is really important that it gets done.  Since your bill was over $200, I bet it was done.  The blood work would give you lots of clues as to why your cat could be vomiting.  It would show liver, kidney problems, and pancreatic problems which could cause vomiting.  And, if the blood work showed nothing, your next best bet would be to get an ultra sound done on her abdomen.

You have to find a cause for the vomiting before it can be stopped.  
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Hi Ginger,

All the prior comments are excellent and very informative!

I know also I would be like you and just want it to stop and have my baby feel better. Unfortunately that has to start with that "useless" vet. If he charged you $220 you would think he did blood tests, right?  Well like ZQ said those tests would have sent you home with a lot more than just ant-nausea pills. So I am not sure this Vet did do tests and not sure what would cost $220--surely--re-hydration would not cost that much!!

Boy I would be back at that vets office sitting there until he could take me and telling him for $220. 00 I would like some answers, and it should not cost another $220.00. You have already lost precious time from his misdiagnosis, and now your baby is in danger of needing force feeding. The vet is responsible for you being put in this position, he knows what happens to a cat if they cannot eat!!! Please do not do anything until you get back to your vet and lay this back on him to find answers. If he won't  do it for the initial fee of $220, then get your kitty to an emergency facility  that knows what they are doing.

I am with you in wanting resolution to your babies illness NOW!
My Meezy is one of those, Gulp , drink water, then throw up, kind of kitties, and it is heart wrenching to watch.

In fact today is Saturday and I am sure your $220 vet has better things to do with his incompetence , then be open to help sick animals......so Emergency it is.

Please let us know what they say. I hate when vets do this---most are so good, though.

Praying for you and your little one,
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