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cat w/ dropped hindquarters

My 8 month male cat recently starting having trouble walking; his hindquarters are dropped down and he is unable to put any weight on his back legs.  I know he wasn't hit by a car as he has been kept in the garage with it being so cold outside.  He still purrs when petted but doesn't seem to have any energy.  He also has movement in his back legs when laying down (he'll scratch his ears with those feet) but just doesn't have any support in them.  Any suggestions without having to take him to the vet for xrays?  I thought it might be a broken back or tailbone, someone mentioned it might have been a seizure, or possibly some type of disease.  He is eating and drinking some but doesn't appear to be peeing or pooping; when we set him in the litter box he usually just tries to get out w/out doing anything.  Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.  thanks
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hi...this cat really needs to be seen by a Vet and soon, if he's not peeing or pooping he will soon be in supreme pain..I suspect he has somehow hurt or broken a vertebrae in his spine or yes does have a tumor or something that is affecting his lower extremities PLEASE TAKE THIS CAT TO A VET!!
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  You don't mention how old your cat is.  It could have even been a stroke.  No matter what it turns out to be this is truly and emergency.  If my cat were having those symptoms I would be calling the after hours emergency animal hospital.  

  There are no tips anyone could give you for this.  There are no home remedies for something this serious.  Please if you haven't already take this kitty to the vet.  Don't think that because he is purring he is ok.  Cats can and do purr when in pain.  

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