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My  14 year old female siamese mix cat's eyes seem dilated and do not respond to different light conditions.  She seems normal in all other respects...eats, plays, walks normally....this has been happening for about two weeks...any ideas?....Thanks for any imput you can offer.
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Are both eyes not responding to light? Or is only one eye affected? A good test to gauge function of feline eye dilation (or lack of proper feline eye dilation) is via flashlight. Take kitty into a dimly lit room and shine a small flashlight into her eyes, one eye at a time. DO NOT use a laser light, as this type of light is harmful to ANY eye, kitty, human, frog. Check to see if the pupil (the black part of the eye) constricts (gets smaller, and in cats, more slit-like) or remains the same. If it remains the same, this could signal a problem with the brain (such as stroke, intracranial pressure, etc) or the eye structure. Another question you might ask yourself is if kitty may have ingested something that she should not have. In any case, if the pupils do not respond normally to light, it is best to get kitty checked by a vet ASAP, regardless of what may be the cause.
Good luck and hope it is a minor thing!
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