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cats has lump

I posted before that my cat had been scooting. She has no trouble that I can see going to the bathroom but I found a lump about an inch from my cats anus. I not sure if it's a lump or if the scooting has aggravted some kind of sore. I have been putting hydogen peroxide on it and it has seem to helped and it's not as big. I have limited funds or I would have taken her to the vet by now--any suggestions.

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I had a dog that had a lump in that area, but it never irritated him though. I know what you mean about limited funds, but I think it be best if she see's a dr. It could be nothing, but you don't want to take any chances. Hope everything is alright and that everything works out for her. I swear if I were rich, i'd open up a place that is for people that are low income family that have ill pets that need help and help them for free or little fee's and/or allow payment plans. Before we had to put our dog down last year they wanted 100.00 before hand. I was like "wow, nice, here my dog is dying and all they care about is money!!!" Makes me furious because so many animals could be saved if vets/animal hospitals allowed some type of payment plan or assistance when an animal was sick or dying. It's not right for those of us that can't afford it and need help! Maybe one day i'll win the lottery and then i'll be able to help in my community, then hopefully other rich people will see what i've done and something would get done nationwide for low income family with pets that need medical assiatance. I can hope right?
Anyways, good luck to you and hope your kitty can get to a vet soon.
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Is the lump oozing/open or is it just a lump you can feel under the skin?  If it is open, it may be an abcess which needs to be drained. If it is a lump under the skin perhaps it is something that is having a hard time being passed from her rectum?

An abcess is fairly easy to treat, drain and it usually goes away in a few days. Peroxide or topical antibiotic if necessary. The lump may present several different secenarios, something she can't pass or may pass in a few days. But if it doesn't go away and is bothering the kitty she may have to go to the vet.

I hope this helped.
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It looks like a sore and I'm putting peroixde on it. She has no trouble passing anything--Thank God for that. But your correct--she needs to see a vet. She has been scooting for about a year.

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