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clean obsession

Oreo uses the litter box but will put a towel, rug, wash cloth what ever he can get  and cover up his pee or poop with it.   Sometimes he wont cover it up if nothing available to him.  He is very obsessed about washing his feet and hands all the time.
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Does he have an adequate level of litter in his box? That's the only thing I can think of-either that or try a different brand. Maybe something in it is irritating him if he uses something else to "flush" with and washes up constantly. Butters gets very vocal if he feels his pan isn't up to par (there's poop in it, for instance) he likes it IMMACULATE at all times or he gets upset and either poops right next to it or urinates in one of the other pans upstairs that normally are used only by Spirit or Bob.  He's never used another item to "flush" with, however.
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