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ear tumor / hematoma in cats

has anyone dealt w/ surgery for their cat when the cat is diagnosed w/ ear hematoma caused by ear tumors?
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Sorry, that's one I haven't dealt with. Anyone else out there dealt with this?

Are you looking for specific information on this or after surgery care for the cat? That I could probably help you with. (I know what you're describing is, and how they treat it, but only secondhand.)
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Well I haven't personally delt with it but my sister has with one of her cats. The vet recommended surgery for the ear after the hematoma became too irritating to the cat and he was scratching at it making  it bleed. Since it was a hematoma, it beld quite a bit according to my sister, there was blood everywhere, because kitties tend to shake their heads even more when there was an ear problem.  The surgery consisted of basicaly splitting the ear like two pieces of paper being pulled apart, removing the problem tissue and sewing it back up. Poor guy had to wear a collar, looking pretty Shakespearean and feeling pretty sorry for himself until it healed. There was a second vet trip to remove the stitches. Kinda expensive if I remember.  Now he looks like a jester cat with the hematoma ear permanently bent from the tip down. : - ))) He is just fine now.
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If you put your mouse over my name in blue and click on view profile I uploaded a picture of Jake during his Shakespearan days,,,,,
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Oh, I forgot to add, when we took in out daughters cat he had a hematoma on his ear due to overs cratching due to ear mites. Put a stop to it early and gave him Reveloution because it covers earmites, worms besides the dreaded fleas... Reveloutioned all the cats at the same time just to make sure the mites spread and he didnt bring in any other of the parasites to our outher 5 cats.... Did this for 2 months, one application per month at the back of the neck per cat... Worked and he has stopped all scratching of the ear and the hematoma situation has lessened to a manageable state and does not bleed now. It never got to the state my sister's cat did,
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I just finished with the same hematoma ear problem with my cat.  I was sick about it.  Stitches stayed in for a month because his ear kept swelling up in areas other than the original hematoma surgery site.  

They wanted go in and operate on the new hematoma in the same ear.  My cat (and I) were too freaked out, and asked for less aggressive methods of dealing with the re-swelling.  Slate (cat) didn't do well after the surgery, as it was a new vet in a new town and...it was surgery.

3 weeks of steroids and antibiotics, and his ear finally went down.  But his ear looked all bent and haggard.  

Long story short; got the stitches out today and asked the vet when his ear would return to normal.  She said NEVER.  Then proceeded to say that's what happens when hematoma's of the ear aren't treated with surgery.  

This information would have been valuable  3 weeks ago.  I would have reconsidered a second surgery on the ear, had I know he was going to be deformed for the rest of his life if I didn't correct the reoccurrence of the hematoma surgically.  I am very angry, and very sad about the entire situation.
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I guess I do have a question.  Has anyone heard of a treatment of corrective surgery to make my cat's ear stand up straight again, and not look like a "potato chip"?

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So your cat's ear was still deformed even when you got the surgery? The vet told me the only thing that would change if she didn't have surgery was that her ear would be deformed. Should I even bother with the surgery if its still going to be deformed?
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Look into the option if cauterization of the problem area. It's a possibility, depending on the situation, and less invasive and easier on recovery.
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I am going through the same thing and extremely stressed out for my cat.

We went to the beach on july 4th and came back on the fifth & just like that her hear was swollen shut! I of course took her to the vet right away.

They suggested the surgery, (which she has had) and all is going ok, she can't stand the collar & walks around with her head down like she's drunk... so i took it off!

She seems fine without it & has been relatively good. I had discovered an oppening in the ear that i thought should have had stitches, however after freaking out about it the Dr. had said it's for drainage and everything is healing good. So we were on our way home after that.

Now today I see her ear has a scab where the opening is and the ear is swollen, purple, hot and she is shaking her head again! At this point I'm feeling pretty upset and anxious to get her back to the vet ...again?

Is it not healing properly? Is the scab covering the drainage area? I can't or shouldn't clean the area of course... so I guess i will just have to wait till tomorrow morning to get her in.

My poor cat she has been so good considering. her ear is a little different than the other but not completely bent like some of the other cat's I'm hearing about? This sux for her and for ANY cat for that matter!

does anyone know how long this healing process is going to take? ugh?
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My cat has a hematoma on his ear, it was drained once and came back.  I am unsure whether I should wait to see if it gets bigger or worse than it was the first time/than it is now, or if I should do the surgery--it doesn't seem to bother him much, he's acting normal, but his poor ear is all swollen in once spot with fluid.  I don't want it to get worse.  Do they go away on their own?  The vet told me that it wasn't serious but it might leave his ear permanently deformed but it wouldn't seriousy hurt him.  Does anyone have any advice or experience with this?  I don't want to have to put him through a surgical procedure if I don't have to, but I want him to be healthy and comfortable.  Please help!  Also, are there any natural or homeopathic remedies that might help with this condition??
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Hi Marcie,

Well I just typed a long email recommending the surgery and lost the whole thing : (
After having surgery,
I must say after several return office visit's to check the overall condition of the stitches, drainage of more remaining fluid, and antibiotics for the infection she also got (which can happen due to scratching, debris etc.) she has made it through is now doing fine! Her ear is a little funny but that's a small price to pay considering it could have been much worse gone untreated, Major cauliflower ear, Bad infection or even lost hearing in her ear.

The vet had told me the best way to treat this would be the surgery itself, what tends to happen is exactly what is happening to your cat... it JUST COMES BACK!

I highly recommend the professional ear cleaning solution called "Nolva-Cleanse" from the vet's office for use after your cat's ear has been treated and completely healed!
We have several cat's (you may have noticed that from all the pictures) and I can't imagine having any one of them go through that so we used it on ALL of them at least once a month to remove the icky stuff that gets lodged in the ear!

Well, I hope this has helped you out. If you have any questions please feel free to email me back!

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Can anyone tell me how much the surgery costs to remove the deep tumors and see if they are cancerous.  My cat is about 16 or 17 and my vet told me that it would be between 500-1000 dollars, probably on the high end.  I need to know before I make the decision on what should be done.  
thanks for any info.
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Thank you for your comments.  I do trust my vet, but she could be wrong too.  She did a thorough exam and the tumor is very deep in the ear canal.  My cat is constantly picking at it and shaking her head.  Her eyes are all red and watering.  I keep putting salve (vet prescription) in her ear, but it doesn't seem to be helping much.  She lived out doors for a couple of years before I rescued her.  She had a hard life until she landed with me.  Went from 8 pounds to 16.  I don't deny her much.  I love her.  I have had her only a little over one year and have spent about 2,000 dollars on her.  she has to be gassed everytime she goes to the vet for anything.  She turns into a wild woman and bites everyone in site.  I can't afford much more.  It is really straining me financially, but I want to do the right thing for her.  I am really torn.
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Wow, I am really feeling stressed for you both! I can't believe she's been through so much only to have to come to this? Poor thing, I hope all goes well and wish there was something more I could do or say? This is a tough one and ultimately I'm sure whatever you decide it will be for the best.

We are praying for you both!
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Thank you for your kind words and understanding.  I feel so bad for her, although she doesn't seem to be in pain, just bothered by her ear.  There is a terrible odor so I just keep adding salve hoping that will help her.  She is still eating and wanting love.  
I know that there is nothing anyone can say at this point, but I appreciate the empathy.  I live alone and she is my constant companion.  She gets confused in the night and I am beginning to wonder if her eyesight is compromised. Sometimes she bites me hard.  It's like she is attacking me.  I'm pretty sure that this must all be related.
Anyways, don't feel like you have to respond, just thank you.
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I hope that somehow the vet can maybe do a partial surgery for drainage or find another way to treat the situation? Is the salve working? It sounds like antibiotics are what you need, there's obviously a bad infection and now with the smell, I would still seek another opinion before it gets any worse? Maybe you could call another vet's office and discuss the situation? I know how you feel and it seems your cat may be starting to lash out in discomfort. I wouldn't want to lose any of my cat companions either, so If you have a chance please seek that other opinion so at least you can say you have covered all avenues. I wish the best to you, heck I could ask my vet? I feel so bad as well, we are rooting for your kitty!

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I took my Sassy, who is 15, to get her ears cleaned.  I was shocked with the Vet said she had an ear tumor.  He took a biopsy and now we wait.  If its benign, I think we could cut away some of it and she'll be fine but if its malignant, then he wants to remove her entire ear canal since the tumor is down deep in the canal.  He said he sees a smaller similar tumor starting in her other ear so he would remove both ear canals.  I don't know about this.  The poor girl has been through so much already - we almost lost her last year to bladder and kidney stones.  That surgery was over $3,000.  I'm praying that this tumor is benign ... I don't know what I'll do if its malignant.  Sassy is a little Diva and I don't want her suffering.
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My 11 year old Maine Coon had surgery for the hematoma 3 weeks ago but is getting another small hematoma at the bottom of the same ear.
Right now we are draining it and are trying to avoid a second surgery but every time you so much as touch him, he shakes his head, so it's a Catch 22 situation. His ear bends down a bit which is kind of a bummer since he was a former show cat but at least he has a condition that can be treated and isn't life threatening. His half sister had lymphoma at age 8.5 years and only lasted 3 weeks. We tried to save her with chemo but she was too far gone.
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My cat has developed a hematoma in his ear. He is 14.5 years old and has beginning stages of kidney disease. I've had his ear drained twice and the vet has now said we need to choose. Surgery or let nature take its course and heal on its own which can take up to 2 or so months. My cat still purrs but his ear is bothering him. I don't think he's in pain, just that his ear is big and is bugging him. I know that his ear will forever be floppy but that's O.K. because he's not a show cat. If this was your pet what would you do?
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I would have the surgery done if the cat is relatively healthy since draining is often just a temporary fix. I just got my 12 year old cat back from the vet today from a hematoma surgery.  And it was a big one. My total bill was $366.00( am in PA in the Gettysburg area). $222.00 for the hematoma surgery itself. The VCA hospital would probably be double that price.
Multiple drainings would be additional stress on the cat and more expensive in the end.  And I am not sure about a hematoma not being painful. I think it is. Cats are very good at hiding pain.
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I had a haematoma drained on my 18yr old cat's ear but it came back the next day. I then opted for surgery and the day after the stitches came out it came back again. At £400+ I am almost as unhappy as the cat.
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I use Colloidal Silver on my cat's ears and it works great. I use 30 PPM. Try it. It's cheaper than surgery and easier on the poor kitty! Good Luck
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you didn't say not to list email address until I had already entered it.
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