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ear tumor / hematoma in cats

has anyone dealt w/ surgery for their cat when the cat is diagnosed w/ ear hematoma caused by ear tumors?
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Sorry, that's one I haven't dealt with. Anyone else out there dealt with this?

Are you looking for specific information on this or after surgery care for the cat? That I could probably help you with. (I know what you're describing is, and how they treat it, but only secondhand.)
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Well I haven't personally delt with it but my sister has with one of her cats. The vet recommended surgery for the ear after the hematoma became too irritating to the cat and he was scratching at it making  it bleed. Since it was a hematoma, it beld quite a bit according to my sister, there was blood everywhere, because kitties tend to shake their heads even more when there was an ear problem.  The surgery consisted of basicaly splitting the ear like two pieces of paper being pulled apart, removing the problem tissue and sewing it back up. Poor guy had to wear a collar, looking pretty Shakespearean and feeling pretty sorry for himself until it healed. There was a second vet trip to remove the stitches. Kinda expensive if I remember.  Now he looks like a jester cat with the hematoma ear permanently bent from the tip down. : - ))) He is just fine now.
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If you put your mouse over my name in blue and click on view profile I uploaded a picture of Jake during his Shakespearan days,,,,,
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Oh, I forgot to add, when we took in out daughters cat he had a hematoma on his ear due to overs cratching due to ear mites. Put a stop to it early and gave him Reveloution because it covers earmites, worms besides the dreaded fleas... Reveloutioned all the cats at the same time just to make sure the mites spread and he didnt bring in any other of the parasites to our outher 5 cats.... Did this for 2 months, one application per month at the back of the neck per cat... Worked and he has stopped all scratching of the ear and the hematoma situation has lessened to a manageable state and does not bleed now. It never got to the state my sister's cat did,
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I just finished with the same hematoma ear problem with my cat.  I was sick about it.  Stitches stayed in for a month because his ear kept swelling up in areas other than the original hematoma surgery site.  

They wanted go in and operate on the new hematoma in the same ear.  My cat (and I) were too freaked out, and asked for less aggressive methods of dealing with the re-swelling.  Slate (cat) didn't do well after the surgery, as it was a new vet in a new town and...it was surgery.

3 weeks of steroids and antibiotics, and his ear finally went down.  But his ear looked all bent and haggard.  

Long story short; got the stitches out today and asked the vet when his ear would return to normal.  She said NEVER.  Then proceeded to say that's what happens when hematoma's of the ear aren't treated with surgery.  

This information would have been valuable  3 weeks ago.  I would have reconsidered a second surgery on the ear, had I know he was going to be deformed for the rest of his life if I didn't correct the reoccurrence of the hematoma surgically.  I am very angry, and very sad about the entire situation.
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I guess I do have a question.  Has anyone heard of a treatment of corrective surgery to make my cat's ear stand up straight again, and not look like a "potato chip"?

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