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eye problems

I have a persian/himilayan cat and it seems she always has a discharge from her eyes--mostly when she sleeps.  Is it a common condition of himilayan cats?   I have taken her to the vet and have medicine for her eyes but she still wakes up with black goop around her eyes.  I wash it off with a moist cloth and that also inspires her to do some cleaning herself.
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yes please don't keep using the anti biotics sparodically, can create a 'super infection'

both Persians and Himalayans have genetically runny eyes because of the 'break' (indent) in their nose's...the eyes cannot drain properly thus they spill over into and out of the eye. and can at times become infected.
The good pet stores have products to wipe the outside of the eye to reduce the staining.
Otherwise just a warm wet cloth as mentioned will work, take care not to over wash and cause the area to be left over moist..thats when kitties will try to clean and dry area and it will become raw from over pawing.

ps your kitty is not a Persian/Himalayan...they are each separate breeds. The HImalayan is a Persian/ Siamese cross....I have had this type of breed for over 20 yrs.
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Terramycin is an anti-biotic.  Do not use it "as needed".  Anti-biotics must be used regularly for a set period of time and even then they are only effective against bacterial infections.  Using it sporatically affects your cat's immune system so that is no longer effective if she does have an actual infection.

Ironically, this condition is more prevelant in light colored cats and it is more noticable because of the contrast of the drainage when it solidifies against light color at the edge of the eyes.  I have a Turkish Van with the same situation.  As in humans, cat's eyes will tear/drain to remove irritants such as pollen, smoke, even their dander or cat hair,.  As long as their are no other upper respiratory symptoms (drainage from the nose, sneezing, fever, lethargy, etc.), I would continue wiping it out with a soft cloth moistened with warm water and discontinue the anti-biotic drops.  There are drops available that help prevent the drainage from solidifying.

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This is very common for himilayans..They get "goopy eyes" because thay have such big eyes that stick out of their heads.. i have a female himilayan myself and she has  the same problem..i have went to the vet time and time again and i find the drops they give are good..but the best solution is to just keep cleaing them with a warm damp cloth...
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The vet just said  she had an infection in her eyes  --this was several months ago.  The medicine was terramycin.  Sometimes her eyes look really good and other times they look rather messy.  I still have some of the medicine so  I use it when needed...
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Himalayan cats often tend to have watery eyes, so it could simply be a common condition of the breed.

Did the vet actually give a diagnosis?  What was the medicine for?  And how long has the condition been going on?  

Answers to these questions would make it easier for me to respond, however it probably isn't anything serious.

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