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feline bloody diarrhea

I rescued 4 cats this summer. The first was a pregnant female( about 7-8 months of age) with 2 kittens, all malnourished. The female ended up dying 4 weeks after surygery due to inflammed pancreas, liver and enlarged lymphs, which was found post mort - She would go on and off food with diarrhea, spike a temp and become lethargic. She was tried on Clavamox - made it worse. 1 of her kittens started showing the bloody diarrhea at about 7 weeks of age, but we wormed with drontal and all seemed better. He would also do a strange sort of coughing not being able to breath episode - like a laryngeal spasm. He also started the temp spike, lethargy, off food and bloody diarrhea - but when put on Metronidazole would clear up for about a month or so. I brought the 2 kittens in the house after the mom died. We then found a 4 week old kitten about 4 months later. He was kept in the barn. Doing great. But we decided to keep him and brought him into the house. Had him wormed with drontal etc. Well this new kitten started showing the bloody diarrhea, temp & lethargy. We started him on a course of Metronidazole. I have had them tested for Feline Leuk, Toxo (stool & 1 blood titer). Now I am told it could be IBF - I don't think so. Does anyone know of a causative agent that can cause these types of symptoms? What else do I need to test for? I was wondering if cats get CMV?
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To my knowledge, cats do not contract cmv.  Have you tested for wet form FIP?  We hope it's not that, of course, but at least you should know.

Has he been tested for more exotic internal parasites, that perhaps Drontal wouldn't touch?  Just a thought.  My other thought is perhaps a toxin of some kind, separate from any infection or illness, could cause those symtoms, especially if it is something that he is exposed to over time without anyone knowing.

How is he doing on the Metronidazole?
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The 2 cats do fine on the Metronidazole, but the symptoms can recur in 2 months time which has me baffled. I have not tested for wet FIP, but that had crossed my mind. I don't believe it to be a toxin due to the fact that the first time in showed in the first kitten they were living in my barn and the second kitten showed it when living in my house. We did look at a blood smear from the mother cat that died to see if there could be babesia or any foreign signs - clear. The vets here in NH keep telling me that they see a "lot of bloody and just diarrhea" to me this is just not normal.
Thanks for the ideas.
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my 18 yr cat had large appetite,then have puddles of diarrhea.yellow turned to brown later on.she have it 3 times a day,months .i took her to the pet hospital they couldn't find nothing wrong with her,,gave her few medicines stopped diarrhea,but it didn't quit then she  had some red blood in it.,she got very skinny from diarrhea and died on my couch all  four legs spread out ,two loud cries.,mouth been  opened.sad too I will miss her,i tried best I could to save her.
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