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feral cats need birth control

We have feral cats around our farm that we feed and try to socialize.  It is very difficult to trap and fix them and then provide appropriate shelter while the drugs wear off (since they cant regulate body temp they have to have controlled shelter)  Have fixed many at our expense but still have several to go.  What a viscous cycle!  Is their any other type of birth control for these cats that will help?
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Where I live do that you trap them they spay them and they can return to their home ..they will collect them I am told ,all you do is place the trap out and let them know when they come to collect  they  the cats are feral and only need fixing they will test for sickness..
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Check your area for shelters, animal welfare groups, even vets that do TNR.  You can rent traps, take them in to be spayed/neutered, then take them back and release them, usually at no cost to you.
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No, there is no general birth-control for cats, only spaying/ neutering and euthanasia.
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