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My cat was diagnosed with a fibrosarcoma tumor last spring (the kind of tumor that is believed to be from vaccine injections).  We decided not to do surgery becuase it was very invasive and did not have a high sucess rate.  The tumor's size is now bigger than a plum, but smaller than a baseball.  It is on her back, below her shoulderblade.  In the last 2 days, I've noticed that it has begun to open slightly - as if she has been itching it or it is beginning to "pop" through  (I haven't seen her itch it, but I am at work during the day).  It is not an open would yet - is there anything that you know I can do to prevent it from becoming one?  Is there any type of ointment I could but on it?  I'm kind of lost on this.  I know the vet said that if the tumor opens and becomes infected, she will need to be put asleep, but I want to put that off as long as possible since she still really enjoys life.  Thanks for your help.
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The only thing that helps with scabbing is Vaseline or a similar safe substance. Otherwise...you can ask the vet if antibiotics is safe to prevent infection, but it would only be a matter of putting off for a few weeks what's going to happen eventually if it's opening.
I'm sorry to hear your kitty is going through this, these types of tumours are frustrating to deal with, coming from a well meant shot.
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Thanks for the advice, I'll call my vet tomorrow.  I do realize that we only have limited time with her, but I want her to enjoy life as long as possible.  When it causes her pain, I know that we will have to put her to sleep.  Thanks again.
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My first kitty had the same thing many years ago, and we did have the surgery.  Unfortunately it came back faster and more aggressive than before and was the size of a softball when we decided to put him  down as he could no longer clean himself and his motion was becoming too restricted for him to function.  I use a topical homeopathic gel or cream with a calendula base.  I call it "magic" as the gel variety is safe for most skin types and heals incredibly fast.  Since this is tumor based and will continue to grow and change, it will not stop the cancer process but it might help keep her comfortable by minimizing secondary skin lesions.  Best of luck to you and love her every day that you have her.
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Thanks for letting me know what is to come soon.  It helps to know what to expect because there is not a lot of information out there about what to expect at this point.  Thanks again.
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I just got the new my cat had this about 4 months ago and it has spread so quickly it is the size of a baseball on his neck. The vet told me it would open up and cause an infection and as gross as this is the skin is dying so it is odorous. I have to bandage my cat like a person and clean it everyday.  My cat still eats and plays like nothing as wrong. As gross as this tumor is the surgery is so expensive with not a good chance of survival. I opted not to do the surgery and they told me as long as I can handle the grossness of the tumor and as long as my cat still ate and played I wouldnt have to put him down. This is a toll on me because I still see the happiness in my cats eyes Ive had him for 17 years and I cant see putting him down yet.  Its also something that is very gross to see and take care of. Even with antiobiotics the infection always comes back.  All i did was get a rabies vaccine.  Kind of disappointing that trying to keep my cat healthy caused it to kill him.
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I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the more holistic way of handling cancers?  My cat had a very smal external tumor on her fore front paw.  As soon as I discovered it, I made an appointment and had it removed; the biospy showed grade 2 fibrous sarcoma.  She is in basically good health, eats, runs, clear eyes, good coat so I'm thinking rather than putting her through Chemo and radiation at this stage of her life (she's 15), I'm opting for weekly injectiions of acemannin along with supportive supplements.  doe anyone have any feed back on this type of treatment?
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