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getting her a new home

I would be very grateful for any help and advice,from the cat lover in you all, several weeks ago a really pretty ,smart, affectionate ,very predatory cat came by my house and decided she wanted to saty, I have to add here I have never had a cat before, always a dog person, concerned that if she was female and not fixed she would bring me the gift of a few kittens, after I tried to find an owner to no avail, I took her to the vet they told me yes she was female no she wasnt fixed, so I had that done and all her shots. My Husband does not like cats says hes allergic has said repeatedly its him or the cat to leave, trust me I have told him"Dont tempt me" but she is driving me nuts I love birds and all wildlife so far she has done nothing but drag in lizards with their tails off several dead birds a baby bunny, ....the shelter here hasnt got a no kill policy and you relinquish all rights when you take them in so as an animal lover thats out.. I cannot keep her soley in the house as she gets upset she is used to being out and that makes the lord and master worse as she jumps around him .gets on his lap top,,..Okay OkayI am getting there anyone living around LA want a beautiful, affectionate , Hunter Cat,,
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If you dont want her bringing in birds, bunnies, lizards etc. Put a loud bell on her when she is out side, and cut her nails as short as you can. Yes, I know even declawed cats can catch birds but hopefully it will help. If I was closer, I would take her.
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I'm new to this site, but just to add - here in WA; ; we have no-kill run establishments other than the shelters, possibly you could contact ASPCA or PAWS, or a few veternarians could hook you up.  Hope you can find a home for her she sounds great.
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Thank you guys for responding, I have spent many hours online trying to find a shelter they arent taking any more,due to everyone moving and loosing their houses they are inundated with kittens and cats left behind by uncaring folk, and to be honest they obviously have to keep them in a cage ,she could be there for ages,she deserves better. I have had a few responses to my ad but once I say I want to come and see where she would  be living it goes quiet!! Also they either want indoor or outdoor she is used to both, she is a big hunter but loves people .. I am just keeping on trying ...By the way I am not certain that lizards would hear a bell, birds would but I worry as she leaps up 7ft fences sh'ed get hung up on the fence....Oh boy the dilemma of being an animal lover..
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If you get a collar, definitely get a quick release as I didnt have a quick release type on my cat and you can guess what happened. Very tragic.
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Yes that has put me off the collar and am not certain if it would help with lizards but I guess they can hear actually they get on better than birds they loose part of their talis but birds are so fragile..I am looking at a place next week the guy has 5 acres and wants a Mouse Police cat ,,so am hopeful thing is I want her to be inside aswell as that what she is used to..
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