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how can we chill this cat out

we have 5cats, lazy (dad) stella (mum),whiskers (daughter) phoebe (daughter) and salem (son), the youngster are now 4 years old and are from the same litter,

phoebe is quite aggressive with the others, she is quite small and looks like a kitten still, whiskers is not much bigger and salem is bigger than mum who is quite big,
phoebe wont let the salem, whiskers and lazy near her, she hisses, growls and slaps them, the only one she wont mess with is mum,(mum is boss and even puts dad in his place ) she was fine when she was younger, shes been like this about 6months,

she is manley my husbands cat, they have this bond, she is quite clingy to him, yet when he strokes her she happy for about 2minutes then she will attack him, biting and scratching him, she always goes for his left hand, she seems to hate it,  yet aminute after attacking him she wants a fuss and the whole saga goes around again
when you tell her off for her behaviour she atacks again, its like we are being punished for her wrong doing
is there anyway we can chill this cat out,

any advice apreicated  thank you
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i have a Bengal cat who was abandoned at 4 weeks, and he started crazy, aggressive behavior at 8 months. Turns out he has Feline Hyperesthesia disorder. Petting his back makes the skin near his tail (approx 1/3 of his back) wrinkle and roll, twitching, with one stroke. he will tolerate about 3 before he nails someone. I can rub his face & belly all day long and he begs for more! He is highly aggresive with other cats, too. He has spells when he attacks his own tail and back foot violently, hissing and growling, spitting - sounds like all 3 cats are fighting but its just him,a normally silent cat. this has been diagnosed as seizure activity.. he also has "absent" seizures, is bulemic and gets overly excited and aggresive surrounding food issues.
If your cat has some of these other behaviors - especially the rolling skin - you might research Feline Hyperesthesia. i have had great luck calming Majik with the behavior techniques. His behavior was so extreme that i considered having him put to sleep and in the process of emotionally detaching myself to be able to do it, i quit petting him, and found he became more sociable, laying near me, giving me head bonks, etc. We eventually worked out that he cant be stroked down the spine below the shoulders, and the back legs, thigh area, but its ok to pet the ribs/sides, LUCK!
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PS  Bach Rescue remedy might also be helpful. it even works to put a few drops on the skin if you cant give it orally.- it seems to calm kittys in general, so even if Hyperesthesia symptoms dont fit Ms Phoebe, you might try it.. I have also had amazing results with Feliway plugins to prevent fighting among the felines.

Funny, my newest cat Mini is 6 lbs and ill, and her "brothers" are 12, 18, & 20 lbs (Majik, the BADD boy is HUGE) and she dont take no mess from them! maybe thats just part of being teeny.
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