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human antibiotics for cats

I feed a lot of strays at my door and i have captured most of them and had them needled and neutered even though it was hard as they are kind of wild. Now one of them is sick and has gooey eyes. He eats but I can tell he is sick. None of the others seem sick and they wont ever trust me again to capture them in the humane traps no matter what i try. I have some human antibiotics in capsule form of Amoxicillan 500mg and ciprofloxacin 500mg. Could I sprinkle a little of this on his food over a period of (how many days)??Pls help---Thank-you
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We do that here with the amoxicillian. It's the same med they prescribe at the vet (although children's, technically).

It's VERY hard to gauge this. Generally, 1-2 milligrams per pound of cat. You'll be using a very tiny portion of the pill to do this, and be sure the others don't eat it. What your describing is the start of an eye infection and 2-3 days should knock it out. (Try for twice daily)
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this is also a question. how if a cat has a stopped up nose do you get it clear or do you have to wait it through? also wanted to use amox, but wasnt sure it was the right thing to do.
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I always feel so bad when I see a kitty with a stuffed up nose.  I feel so helpless, because, well, face it, it's not like you can hold up a tissue and say "blow", you kind of have to just wipe away what you can and hope that they can sneeze out the rest until it's clear enough for them to breathe.

One of the difficult things about a cat having a stuffed up nose is that if it gets stuffed enough to block up their sense of smell, they WILL stop eating, because a cat will not eat what it cannot smell.  There used to be a commercial for plastic wrap on television that featured a tiger, and the tag line was "a tiger won't eat what a tiger can't smell", alluding to the fact that the plastic wrap did such a great job of protecting the food that even an animal couldn't smell the food through it.  That statement was absolutely true, however, and it holds true even for the tiny tigers who make their homes with us.

If the stuffiness is caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotics should clear it up nicely and once the bacteria is cleared up, the stuffiness should go as well.  If it's allergies, however, all the antibioticsin the world aren't going to clear it up, so it's important to find some way to clear the nasal passages so that the cat doesn't stop eating for ANY length of time.  The reason for this is because if a cat stops eating, it runs a chance of developing fatty liver disease (feline hepatic lipidosis), and while it usually takes a week or more of not eating for a cat to develop this, some have been known to break with it after fasting for only two or three days, so it's extremely important to try to wipe the nose as much as you can, making sure any dried, crusty mucus is removed and not blocking the nostrils.  If it's really crusted on there, use a soft cloth moistened with fairly warm wateer to soften up the crust and then wipe it off.  Don't just try to pick it off, a cat's nose is very sensitive and it could hurt him, making him very difficult to work with in the future because he'll be remembering the pain of having his nose wiped.

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The vet gave me tetracycline powder for my cats, they are about 4 months old an are barn cats. The have the sneezies and have snotty noses as well. It doesn't seem to be working. What is the dose that I should be giving each cat? Any suggestions?
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I feed & try my best to care for strays in neighborhood... One is sick & I'm SURE he needs antibiotics. I can not afford a vet. I have some Augmentin, Is that ok to give a cat? I know amoxicillin is, but augmentin is a combination of amox. & something else. I really want to help this cat; i'm afraid he'll die if i don't. What should i do?
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We just had all 3 of our cats get upper respiratory inf.s and one ended up w/pneumonia-if you notice any kits coughing-take them to vet IMMEDIATELY!! i didn't know coughing is notnormal for cats-i thought he just had phlegm running down the back of his throat and we almost lost him. that said-mine all had stuffy noses too and i tried everything: putting vicks on their chins so the vapors would drift to the nost but not be where it could be eaten-NOT  appreciated. anyway, long story short, my concern was getting my cats to eat when they couldn't smell; w/my vets approval i found "low-sodium sardines in water" and these are particularly fragrant and this was the only thing i could get bob-the one w/pneumonia, to eat. just remember that this is a temporary emergency measure and shouldn't be a permanent substitute for a healthy cat diet. best of luck!!
ps-don't bother trying one of the little nose sucker thingies for babies. complete FAIL @ my house!!
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can i give my cat fluoxetine antibiotic
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NOOOOOOO Fluoxetine isn't even an antibiotic its an antidepressant...this can be very dangerous for kitty..
what is wrong with your cat???
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My cat has an infection from a bite to his face. He weighs 9lbs. and is 11yrs. old. Can I give him amoxicillin? How much and how often? I cleaned the wound w/ peroxide and applied neosporin.
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Hello all,

There is a stray cat that always comes around. I find it at my door when its hungry. I always give it something to eat so it always comes.

I noticed 2 days ago it took a long time to eat, so i noticed it had missing teeth in the lower jaw and one of its fangs was broken or a half.

Today i noticed one of the sides was swollen and there was a black substance coming out of the other side.

I did my research online this seems to be a gum infection and/or abscess of the tooth and very painful for the cat.
I've never grabbed this cat, nor will it let me take it somewhere, it moves tries to escape doesn't like to be grabbed.

Please tell me if there is something i could take, any antibiotic or pain killer or anti inflammation, anything. Unfortunately i have not much knowledge of medicine.

I would like to help the poor thing, breaks my heart see it in pain its such an adorable lovely cat.

Any answer would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance,
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Hey there !
I know how you feel. I feed and treat strays around my house too. I use these sites for their medications. http://www.1800petmeds.com/Amoxicillin-prod2445.html
I hope these sites are useful to you. :)
In addition, please try to educate yourself using these sites :)
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I would get some antibiotics in the cat right away.
If it was me whatever I had because it sounds
like the cat is in very bad condition.
He may have an infected tooth which is causing it and
in that case you would probably have to have the tooth out.
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