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hurt kitty

a thirty pound wooden leaf for my table fell on my 4 week old kitten will he survive the kitten pees and poops fine im even feeding it baby milk through a dropper there was no blood and it opens his eyes every once in a while but he doesn't move much and when he does he cries i can't afford a vet even sheltters cost money can you please help
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a vet will help you do not leave this kitten in pain ..take it to a shelter someone will help it
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This baby needs NOURISHMENT: sugar-water, milk, liquefied kitten food.  Keep him WARM: (body temp 101-102 is normal for cats).  Check this regularly with a rubberized, anal thermometer (lubricate the end first).  If none of this helps in 24 hours, its time to go to the vet and have him put to sleep so he does not continue to suffer.
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thank you for the feed back but i'm sorry to say he passed waay yesterday i was feeding him baby simuliac and keeping him warm but he was just in so much pain i loved him dearly but he's better off he went peacefully
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I followed the posts about the kitty you took in and tried to save from injuries suffered...life is just so fragile sometimes.

Things happen sometimes we neither expect nor want, I have the scars to prove that, and I've also found that it helps to talk to someone who will listen and not judge.

Take care of yourself as good as you tried with the kitten.

be well - Pip
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