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i'm gonna pull my hair out b/c of this cat! i swear!

ok so i told everyone about venus learning how to open the sliding screen door to our patio....well last night the genius that is my hubby forgot to shut the glass sliding door so it was cracked (of course just enough for venus to fit her big, fluffy body through). she opened the screen door sometime through out the night and got out. after being awake for about 20 minutes i realized i hadn't seen her and that the door was open. so i hid on the stairs (i could look around the corner and see the door) and waited. i waited for 45 minutes!!! she came slinking back in all sneaky like. very very quietly. once she was inside guess what miss sneaky runs away does...SHUTS THE SCREEN DOOR!!!! yes she SHUT the door and walked over to the couch, jumped on and laid down like she did nothing wrong. so i come down and walk around the corner. you know what she has the NERVE to do! jumps down, walks over to me and starts RUBBING against my legs!!!!! yes the mean, sneaky, devil cat was being all nice and sweet to me because she KNEW what she did was BAD!
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Shut the screen door??  LOL!!!!   I am laughing so hard I can barely type!  Venus is just hysterical.  You should set up a video camera, just let it run, and see what you can get on tape.  

This is too funny!
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Good God that girl is one sneaky thing.  Sounds like what I used to do growing up!!!!!!!!!  LMAO

What will she pull next?????????  =)
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She shut the door?! That is hilarious! What a funny little cat you have! Lol. Thanks for sharing all your little stories. It helps liven things up here a bit! I have a cat that's a little bit like yours. She's the one who climbed the Christmas tree and knocked the whole thing down scattering ornaments everywhere! Yep, that's here. That's just one of her little mischievous deeds. ;)
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i couldn't believe it when i saw it. i was like WTF!!!! but yeah she shut the door. *sigh*

lol april. she hasn't tried climbing trees yet. hopefully she never will. last thing i need to find my angel on the floor and  venus as the tree topper. but i wouldn't put it past her. lol.
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You have to get that on tape.  That is great!
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i think we may have to dig out the camcorder and set it up...i wish i could have it follow her everywhere. ohhhhh a mini cam that attaches to her collar!!!!! this cat....she is just something else. she is just too smart for her own good sometimes. she is really the weirdest, craziest, oddest cat i have ever had.

earlier today we were all sitting in the living room (where the sliding doors are) and 3 of our neighbors have BIG dogs as family members. well venus decided to start playing games with them. she teases them. the dogs don't like her anymore. she walks back and forth in front of the doors, rolls around in front of the door and then rubs her tail and bum on the screen (kind of taunting them like..."yyyyoooouuuuu can't toooouuuuucccccccccccccccccccccch meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!) it's funny but she's so mean!
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that is so crazy!  i would love to see a tape of miss smartypants doing that one =)
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Tell her if she's going to be so clever, you expect her to start doing some general cooking and cleaning about the place.

It beats what I've got. My big guy was built like a truck and when he got scared, he'd battering ram his way into the closet.

He managed to pop the top hinge off one time doing it. I should've gotten him a spot on a "Wheaties Commercial!"
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lol wow. well she hasn't broken any closets yet.

lol he would've made a good wheaties kitty.
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Wow heather,

Reading about Venus makes me think both my cats are dumb, so dumb I don't think they belong to the cat world hahahaha It doesn't get THAT exciting around here. My cats are just too good.......so good it's disgusting hahahahaha. Venus is very smart. She is a natural. Does she fetch?
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OMG!  That Venus is one funny cat!
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actually she does fetch. she LOVES playing fetch. she has little squishy, foam balls that we bought her for christmas and we just toss them across the living for her she grabs them, plays with them and than brings it back for us to throw again. she "barks" to. this weird very low sound that is just too funny. i wish she were dumb...and good. a well behaved kitty. a kitty who doesn't leap out of the darkness of night to attack me and then take of running like a bat out of hell.
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hahaha your cat messes with you all every day huh? It almost seems as though her happiness depended on getting you stressed hahahaha. What a douche bag hahahaha. But she is so pretty. Who knew!! lol

Both my kitties fetch too. It's so funny :)
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oh she drives me nuts. she does live for stressing me out. she is a gorgeous cat. so fluffy but so BAD!!!! cat is bad bad bad bad!!!! *Sigh* but i love her.
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That's hilarious!  

I have a cat (Abby) who can turn on and off the light in our dining room.  She does it for attention now.  She cracks me up!  Abby has also figured out how to open the front door.  We have those door handles that you pull down on to open the door.  So, we have to make sure the front door is locked or she will open the door to the outside.  

But, your cat takes the cake!  Shutting the door on the way back in - WOW!!!
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lol that's funny utah.

at least she wasn't letting the bugs in....
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