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im worried

So my cat had her litter a few days ago, when I got home from work, I went into my room to changa and check on the kittens,I saw that Chloe had moved them into the box I made for them. I was realieved about that. BUT now she barely lays with them. Everytime I go into the room, she is laying away from the kittens. Is that normal? Or should I be cautious? I bought kiten fornula the day they were born just incase she desserted them since she is young.
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It isn't that unusual, mothers tend to need a break from the kids. :->

Just try to be sure they're all getting fed. Check on their size and weight daily. How old are the wee ones now?

If they are crying excessively then it is because they aren't being cared for. Let us know if that's happening.
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Congratulations on your new little ones at home!

Savas is most correct...all moms need a break on occasion.  My wife (although sad) was actually excited to send our 18 yr old off to college this weekend (she needed a break from the "I'm 18 and can do what I want" dialogues)!!

Kittens should gain about 0.25 oz to 0.35 oz daily.  

Have you taken mom and the kids in for a post partum exam at the veterinarian yet?
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congrats on being a fur baby grandma!!!

think of it this way...if you had 2-6 babies at one time would you want to be with them every second of every day? lol. every momma needs to have some peace. as long as she's feeding them, cleaning them and what not they're good to go.
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They are 6 days old. This morning I went in there and she was with them. I was just worried cuz my first cat had kittens a couple yrs ago and she was always with them. I guess every cat is different lol. I haven't taken them to the vet yet, I'm going to next wk when I get paid. Thank god I already have good homes for all of them, all of my sisters want one, so ill beable to see the little ones grow up. I'm for sure getting chloe fixed when she is done nursing.
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How awesome that you already found homes for all the kittens before they're even a week old!  I would recommend letting mommy cat nurse them the full eight weeks.  Mommy cat knows when to stop nursing.
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