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jekyll hyde attitude and aggression after a Rabies shot.

My 14 year old cat recently had a rabies shot within the last 2 weeks when I took him for an xray and health checkup due to him eating some fake grass.
Nothing out of the ordinary routine has changed with the exception of the rabies shot. about 24 to 48 hours after him coming home with a clean bill of health, a praise for exceptionally healthy cat for his age and the shot, he started to attack our 2 year old cat Isabelle. This has increased to a twice daily agressive attack, he never reacted to her like this before, and yes both are fixed. If this is a common reaction in older cats, then why can't an older cat who is a permanent inside kitty have to be required by NYS law be exempt??
Is there any way of detoxing Kiki from this reaction?
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I hope he gets better soon. I also would try some of the calming otc things out there for cats and give them some time separated maybe. I have pretty much stopped vaccinating my cats. I only do the three year rabies and I don't do any for my FIV + boy, except for an FeLV booster recently when we had a scare. He just tested negative again recently. I plan to test at least once per now for FeLV since there are treatments that can be started before the horrible effects begin. You can do titers to see if they actually need a vaccination also. I plan to do that in the future before vaccinating.
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unfortunately sometimes the rabies vac can have very negative effects on our kitties....I don't know of any detoxing agents, but I would sure phone the Vet and let them know....just in case.
good luck sure hope this wears off and kitty will soon be himself again...♥
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