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kidney failure

My 6 year 10 month Russian Blue male cat was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with kidney failure. His only symptons were a bout of vomiting and lethargy. His blood work was quite elevated, BUN 83mg/dl, CREA 5.1mg/dl, PHOS 8.8mg/dl. He has been given fluids twice and we have been giving him Azodyl capsules twice a day. Also sprinkling Epikatin on his food twice a day. We have been trying to transition him to renal diet with not a lot of success. Previously he had been on a urinary diet for 1 1/2 years for crystals in his urine.

We took him in for follow up bloodwork and his numbers have changed drastically, BUN 14mg/dl, CREA 1.9mg/di, PHOS 3.4mg/dl.

My question is, can this change be attributed to just the meds, fluids and food? How can he go from Stage 4 to being normal. The vet asked if he could have eaten something that caused acute failure but he is strictly an indoor cat and we don't have anything that he could get in to.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks for the response and the article.
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I strongly recommend you read the full article I am about to send you...and how many of these diseases are attributed exactly to the diet...
the main culprits are DRY food and GRAINS....
and ironic that Vets put cats on a DRY urinary tract diet when its dehydrated dry food thats causing the crystals in the first place...
Please read all Dr. Piersons site, you will be amazed as I was....glad to hear your boy has shown such a drastic change...I hope he continues to do so well:)

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