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kittens are killing mother by feeding on her, what do i do?

my cat who is a loving sweet cat had a litter of kittens we re homed all but three and they wont stop feeding. they are almost five months old now and i started to see the mom get very sick and she doesnt have any energy.  i had someone come out and look at her and he said the kittens are killing her.  they are taking all her nutrients and so she is slowly dying.  i have not idea how to stop them and i dont want my cat to die.  what do i do?  how do i stop them?  the guy said even if i was to feed her 24/7 i still wouldnt be doing enough to save her with the kittens still nursing.
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Mamma no longer should have milk, they aren't nursing they are just comfort sucking...she'll bat them away when she's had enough of their pestering..right now she must be still enjoying the sensation
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The guy didn't really tell you the real story.

Even if she is still producing milk, if she is ailing it is not because the kittens are draining her. If you see her as being ill, take her to the vet. If you think she is just getting thin, feed her kitten-formula food, it is very rich and will build her up.
Miss Teia eats kitten food a couple times a week because of the more concentrated protein and calories.
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At the kittens age, I agree with Opus.  But I also agree with Anniebrooke and Pip in feeding Mama the kitten food.   It is hard to say what is going on exactly.  

Also, it would be a good idea to separate the Mama from the kittens, that will do the trick!

Meanwhile, please take Mama to the vet as it seems from your description, she is quite ill.  
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