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kitty grass

I've recently started growing some "cat grass" from a pkg-it has barley & oats & i forget what else in it; has anyone else tried this? It's not only pretty but my "kids" seem intrigued; however, when they attempt to eat it  the grass is firmly in the pot and it tips over, startling them.. I tried trimming the tips off and added it to their crunchies-any other ideas to help them enjoy their new treat?
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all the kids still loving that grass-and boy, does it grow fast: almost before your eyes!!  I recommend and am interested in other outside the box treats for my babies!
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I don't know a lot about cats, I have one cat ,who found me a couple of years ago, but may I ask.what is cat grass? I have noticed my Tweety when she is outside nibbles around the 'grass' plants ..I do know having been a former dog person that dogs eat grass when they feel nausea , could there be something similar with cats ...
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Your kitty is already experiencing with the lawn.  Many cats, not mine, enjoy rolling in immature grass plants or nibbling on the grass plants that people either grow themselves or buy already at that stage that is ready for cats who like to nibble on grass can nibble on it.  You can even buy wheat grass in the produce section of many grocery stores.  It will serve the same purpose.  Often what is sold at pet stores is the same thing.

I'm not sure if they eat it because they have an upset tummy or not like dogs do, but not all cats will nosh on grass.  And, not all throw it back up like dogs do.
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it's something i purchased near the catnip-it's just pre-checked grass seeds (and oats & barley apparently) pre-screened to make sure there's nothing toxic for cats; you plant it like a regular plant, watch it grow and the cats enjoy!
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You can even just buy seeds and start the plants yourself.  A lot of people like to buy it already growing, because it's convenient and the cats can investigate the plants right away.
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thanks guys I am going to plant some seeds and I hope Tweety will enjoy do you think stores like petsmart sell it ?
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