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lump on neck

My male cat is 6 months old and just today i felt a oval hard bump under his chin on the right side. He is very active and now he sleeps alot and doesnt want to play anymore. We were thinking that maybe the he's just tired or what is wrong with him. Im still waiting for his appointment to the vet and im really worried about him. He still eats and drink but not like before, he lost little bit weight that's why i felt and now i can see the bump.
Does anybody have the same problem?
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Is there anyone here
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could be a simple cyst , need to visit vet
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Hi there...you're right to be concerned.  Cat's don't just 'get tired'.   Anytime there is a drastic change in behavior, that is a clear sign kitty isn't feeling well.  

I'm sorry but w/o seeing a photo of what you're talking about, it's difficult to say what this lump is.  Even with a photo we might still have no idea.  It could be an abscess, but of course I am only guessing.  

When is your vet appt?  It's very good he is still eating and drinking...
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Its next week monday. He's behavior just changed. Before he follows me to the bathroom and just sit by the door and wait on me or any of my family, even when he's sleeping he knows when we go use the bathroom, he just come and he's eyes closed and wait by the door.Yesterday and today he just sleeps all day. The only time he gets up is to come and eat and drink and go back to sleep.We have three cats, his sister and one kitten which he chases and we call it bullying them all day..but now the two runs around without him.And he always go to the kitchen sink and sit in there and stare at the drops of water on the sides of the sink,  can cats get salmonella or anything from the sinks? Im asking cause sometimes i havent cleaned the sink when im cooking and when i turn he's sitting inside the sink. We're praying that he will not get worse until monday but if he does im bringing him in.
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Yes we will on Monday.
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Hi Leo,

When cats sit in sinks or bathtubs sometimes they are trying to tell you they have a fever. They seek out the cool of the porcelain or metal . This behavior plus the lump under the right side under the chin sounds to me like he may have an infection going on and the bump is a swollen lymph node. Not unlike humans when we get strep throat and our lymph glands swell.

If your asking my opinion , I would take him to the vet. He needs at least antibiotics. He may also need fluids since fever will dehydrate him, and that lump needs to be checked to see if that is the cause of infection or
something else.

You are very smart to know when your cat changes his behavior and sleeps a lot , there is something going on with their health.

Good luck and I would try and get into a ER Vet today, since he has probably had this fever for a while now. He will need IV fluids at least.

Please let us know what the vet says, K

Sincerely, CML
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Thats what my husband was saying, that his cooling himself on the sink but we didnt think it was serious. Our female cat is in heat and we thought that he was too so hes cooling off in the sink.
Thank you and i'll do that and keep the update...

Have a blessed day

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How is your kit doing??
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