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my cat has been drooling excessively

for the last two days my male cat has been drooling excessively. He is still eating, but not moving around very much. I have noticed with the excessive drooling it is making him hard to pick up his hard cat food. He has a swollen area on his paw with a small amount of dried blood..i am very worried about him.. he goes outside sometimes overnight.he goes across the road from my house where there is alot of woods, trees, and plants..if anyone knows what may be wrong with him please let me know...asap.
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hi...I would certainly take your kitty to a Vet asap. excessive drooling can be a tooth problem OR NAUSEA.....since you mentioned he goes outside and is in contact with many plants etc. he could have eaten something TOXIC....pesticides/insecticides/flea products....all contain organophoshates that are toxic to cats.
good luck and keep us posted ♥
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