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my cat has scabs around his mouth and ulcers or sores on the inside of his mouth

Hello. My boyfriends cat is almost a year old. He's half long hair, black and white. Could never mieow from day one which is why no one wanted him out of the litter so we chose to adopt him. He's huffed and coughed since day one, we put this down to hairballs because of the length and amount of fur. We groom him and stroke him a lot to try to prevent this and also give him special treats which help prevent hairballs. Still he huffs and puffs and pukes up enormous hairballs. It worries me every time.
Recently he's started to get mouth ulcers and scabs around and in his mouth. I thought it might be the new cat nip toys i got him so i took them away but the sores have spread. I've read the other posts about this but i was wondering if maybe he was born with a disease because of the symptoms he's had since he was born.
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Maddie, thats quite alright, as both posts are related. did you read the website I quoted to Taz above? and look at the photos see if this is the same type of growth.

Taz. still sounds like your kitty is hucking a hairball are you sure he's expelling, IMO an xray may be needed, something is choking him and it doesn't sound like asthma...could he have swallowed a tiny piece of bone from the chicken or fish...this sounds to me like what is happening, either that or a hairball. I do encourage an xray..asap

as far as the eosinophil's....as the site I sent you says...they are a type of white blood cell. that are commonly associated with allergic reactions OR a parasite. they are part of the immune system. so YES counts will also rise if the asthma is allergy related....such as INHALANT or airborne allergy....something in the enviroment, such as dust, pollen, household cleaners, sprays....etc. all can cause allergic reactions in cats the same as it can  in people except with cats the response is USUALLY skin itch or eruptions....not sneezing and red eyes like with humans.

I hope this answers your question.
this type of allergy is most often FOOD RELATED. Dry food IS NOT necessary for clean teeth and health...NOT at all.and dry food is loaded with chemicals and preservatives making allergies very common.
I would recommend a easy fix of changing kitties food, try a canned food...something other than chicken(chicken is a common allergen too)
Please also read the site

change that for a few weeks and watch, allergies is a matter of elimination and watching for change.
the marvista site is an excellent one for info and photos however I must add I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE USE OF STEROIDS....

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hi and welcome, I running out for the remainder of the day but I wanted to send you this writeup with photos read it and examine the photos to see if this resembles what your kitty has, than post again so we can help you out....with more info.
Its usually an allergy to flea bites or to the food, what are you feeding your kitty? I will try to reply later tonight or tomorrow...


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Thanks so much for replying! Yeah at the start he had the pink lower lip and it was swollen. I think catnip might be the cause but i'm not sure for certain. I took the catnip toys away about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks ago but the sores have still spreaded.  The inside of his top right cheek was very swollen with little ulcers on the inside but the swelling has gone down since then. There are still scabs along the top rim of the lip. However There are new sores and scabs in the left corner of his mouth. We feed him dry food (either kite kat or go cat) because we believe it prevents smelly breath and keeps his teeth from falling out. His breath stinks now though because of this thing. We also give him these tiny treats now and again called rattle and reward ( http://www.rattleandreward.com/ ). We sometimes give him a tiny bit of roast chicken, raw beef, Cooked or raw fish depending on what we're having for dinner. He loves the tomato juice from baked beans, I sometimes let him lick my plate after a meal as a treat if i know he likes the taste. It's going to be very hard to actually pin point exactly what he's allergic to because i can't help but give into his cute little "may i have some too please" gaze. I've checked for fleas and couldn't find any.
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i just read the page about feline asthma while i was on that site and he's been showing symptoms since we've had him. Huffing and ducking close to the ground with his neck extended. Thought it was hairballs. They spoke of  eosinophil on the the page you sent me. Eosinophil was also mentioned on the feline asthma page. Could the two be connected. Am i double diagnosing my poor kitty? :/
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I'm watching my elderly lady's cat, and I notice there is a growth on the outside of his mouth (not in the mouth).  .  My neighbor is 88 years old and doesn't take him to the Vet for check-ups.  Kitty is about 12 yeats old.  She says he is eating okay and feeling well.  The growth is larger than the size of a pea and looks hard.  Any ideas.  I'd like to feel it, but her cat is a little skiddish and can bite.  When she returns, I'll encourage her to get the cat to the Vet.  Her daughter and granddaughter can help her.
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Oh I'm so sorry - I meant to start a new thread and not tailgate your thread!  Is there any way to delete this post and start a new one?
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Thanks Opus.  I just looked at the link you gave Taz, and it sure looks like my neighbor's kitty has a "THE INDOLENT ULCER (also called “the rodent ulcer”).  I doubt he will let me open his mouth, but I'll have my neighbor when she gets home take a look.  Thanks much.

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Maddie it's fine. The subject was brought up to benefit everyone.

Opus88- Thanks for your advice. I'll change his food today to canned fish flavour. I'll let you know if he improves after 3 to 4 weeks. I'll also take him to the cat hospital so they can take samples of his scabs and send them off to the lab. I'll speak of an x-ray too. Cheers again!
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