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my cat

I noticed last night that my cat was not purring while she was sleeping on my bed, which is weird for her. She was also not relaxing and didnt lay down. She was sitting in the form of a sphynx all night. this morning she had a blank stare and picked her up to takeher out of my room and she had her claws out attaching herself to me like velcro and when I put her down her limbs were heavy and floppy and she just flopped to the ground and then got up and looked dazed and confused.
When I got hom from work she was missing (once again weird for her as she is always around) and when I found her she couldnt stop walking around in circles. She would the get stuck by obstacles in her way and just stay there. Her eyes look as if they are glazed over, while she was walking around in circles she clumsily walked through her food bowl too.

does anyone know what this means? or what it sounds like? she is 10 years old I was wondering if it could be a stroke?
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take her to the vet now. It could be a stroke or a tumour or any number of things. I wouldn't wait it out..get her to a vet.
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Yes, it sounds like she's in a great deal of pain. Definitely take her in to have her examined. (Disorientation could be from stroke or poisoning causing neurological impairment...but commonly what you described indicates a high level of pain).
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VET asap!  It could be lots of things, but the walking in circles and glassy eyes sounds like symptoms of a concussion.  Cats don't always land on their feet and lots of them climb dangerous places.  If she fell when you weren't around you wouldn't know.  Concussions are very dangerous, but very treatable.  Go now!
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Thanks guys, they said it was a brain tumor. She will most likely be put down next week.
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I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you're both managing well enough. stop in to chat if you feel the need. As cat owners, we know they aren't "just pets".
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so sorry to hear about your cat.
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