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my cats eye is closed and not getting any better

i have an indoor cat *toby* and he showed upper respiratory infection symptoms so i took him to the vet and he got antibiotics and some pills and eye drops cos his eye was closed and bit red and swollen, and after a while he got better and got vaccinated...after a week his eye got bad and started sneezing again so i took him again to the vet and got another antibiotics and pills and new eye ointment. the same story again so eventually he got three times antibiotics and the same stuff and the sneezing now is gone but he still has a bad eye and its closed and swollen and watery, yesterday the vet took a sample from his eye to run a test and mean while i need help coz i don't know what to do to help him...i ordered l-lysin coz i heard that it helps the immune system and it may help his eye to get better,
im sad and don't know what to do i already spent hundreds of euros for nothing..
any help pls
sorry for my English but i am not a native speaker.
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While waiting for the veterinary test, you could try holding Toby and putting a warm, wet compress on his face, just a washcloth or face cloth would do.  He might appreciate the soothing feeling.
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On his eye, of course.  Not blocking his nose.
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Hi Berjo,

Maybe you can have the vet give you a prescription for pain that will allow Toby to be a bit sedated so as not to feel the pain until the Vet gets back to you for a diagnosis.

It sounds like it could be conjunctivitis due to the herpes virus, famous for upper respiratory colds.  In the event it could be a corneal ulcer or a foreign body I would check with your vet before any compresses are used.
I think the warm compresses sound very soothing, but to be sure check with your vet, K?

Please keep us posted on Toby's condition
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im already doing this im even exposing him to chamomile tee steam,
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ok thanks guys, i will keep u informed!
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so the doctor called me and said that the result  came negative and Toby doesn't have any bacteria in his eye, and the vet doesn't really know what the problem is!
today i got the l-lysin and i started giving it o Toby, so lets see how that will end
i am hopeless actually!!!
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Glad you got the lysine, got the powder type right? I've been using this for my Nemo too, he is a carrier of the herpes virus and gets runny infected eyes when under stress.i use lysine in the purest form from Carlson Labs. Mix  up to 1000mg of the powder in bit of water and give orally via a dropper. When eyes clear in abt one week drop dose to 250 mg for continued maintenance.good luck....this will work great for him!!!!
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Well berjo, your Vet SHOULD know what the probem is. I am sorry but that is just not a good answer from someone you have spent plenty of money with to find out WHAT the problem is.

I would call your vet and tell him you need answers. The cat could have a foreign object in it's eye or a corneal ulcer (at which point NO steroids should be used).
This is what you pay your vet for to tell you what you need to do to correct the medical problem causing this. Anyone can say "Gee, I just don't know, go home and see if it gets better, YIKES! I would go nuts on this guy.

Please get this resolved with your vet---and if he can't give you answers see if you can get your kit into an emergency clinic or Vet teaching school. They will usually work out some payment plan with you.

Sorry if I sound "all in your face" don't mean to it is not you, it is theses vets who take your money and never give you answers . That is unacceptable.

Please keep us posted, I am just worried for Toby.He should not be going through this.

Sincerely ,
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actually i got tablets 1000mg and im giving him each day 500 mg in his wet food...i started today i will see what will happen in a few days..thanks for the advice
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no worries at all you are 100% right...im waiting another call from the vet ...and i will wait a few days and if i see that he is not getting better i will take him to someone else...
thanks a lot
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Hey Berjo How’s Toby’s eye doing?

I was actually say that! If his eye still closed and the vet seems not to figure what’s wrong, you better take him to another vet.

Best of luck for both of you.
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thanks a lot for asking, actually his eye is getting a bit better but now the problem is in both eyes and sometimes it disappears and sometimes comes again during the day
the vet ordered a new eye ointment for him and he actually told me that Toby could carry a virus in his blood because he is a rescued kitten and we can make a blood test but it will not help it will just coast money because if he has the virus then nothing will help against it. he told me that we can only make his immune system stronger by giving him some pills and im already giving him the l lysin.
another vet is not a bad idea but this doctor made actually what others gonna make..he gave him different kinds of antibiotics and different eye drops and ointments and pills.
and the thing is that i have another cat and he is not getting anything from Toby.
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well Im glad its getting 'abit' better at least, I agree with your Vet, sound very much like a herpes flare and supporting the immune system is the best (only) way to treat that.
as I mentioned in my above post, the best Lysine you can give your kitty is the one I'll link you too. it has NO fillers and is much more potent than the ones thru your Vet...I don't know what kind or type of tablet you are crushing can you give me the name or link to that one?
this one from Carlson Labs comes in powdered form with a small scoop inside, one scoop= 1200mg. its safe to give up to 1000 mg at least for the first week than taper down to 250mg. this is what I give my kitty who has the same eye issues...and its kept his eyes clear!!!! I order from iherb all the time. they DO ship to Austria, if you are going to do an order add the lysine to your cart than when you get to the checkout scroll down the drop down menu to put Austria in and calculate the shipping costs....don't know how much this will be or how long it will take? I know I have to ship internationally to get here in Canada and it only takes abt a month...but I also in North America.
You can check any Health Vitamin outlets that you may have locally and see if the sell this brand. or a similar powdered one with NO fillers...

wishing you and kitty all the best of luck, I sure hope you can get this eye totally cleared up!!!

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*sorry I meant it only takes about one WEEK to get here.....not a month:(
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tanks a lot for your concern and for the help :)
the l lysin that i am giving to Toby is this one


i give him around 1000 mg a day but i don't know how long does it take until his eye clears totally because its still coming and going in both eyes sometime only one its strange.
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yes NOW is also a good brand, however I see in tablet form it has sodium and silica as contents. kitty would be better off without those two ingredients if at all possible.
I can't find it in POWDER FORM on the site you get it from, can you buy it in  capsules?.....you could open up the capsules than take out the powder(purer form)

I don't know how long it takes for eyes to clear....if its a really bad case it may take longer....my cat responded right away.
You would need to ask your Vet how long its ok to keep using as high as 1000mg. I can't answer that sorry. I know its safe to use a lesser dose of 250mg everyday always for after the eyes have cleared.
keep us posted
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