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my cats losing her fur

My cat is 9 years old. Two weeks ago we noticed she had lost allot of weight, so we started feeding her can food and she started gaining weight but about 6 days ago she started losing chunks of fur to the point she has a huge spot and you can see her skin. I took her to the vet they tested for cancer it was negative and the vet done nothing but sent us on our way with antibiotics and told me my car was dying. I don't agree with her, but would love to know what's wrong with my cat..... Any ideas??
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sorry clicked off too soon ...sounds like allergies to me ..I have Yucca trees on my land and my kitty is scratching I think she is allergic to them
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aww I was so sorry to hear this callous treatment and would say change vets...how is she doing ?
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Hi Love,

How is your little girl? Have you talked to the vet to resolve the fur issue?
Please let us know, K?
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Excuse me?? Let me get this straight. You have a vet, you took your cat to be tested, tests came back negative for cancer.........and you vet sends you home with antibiotics and tells you your cat is dying, but does not tell you what it is dying from or what the antibiotics are for??? @###@@****

Oh boy do I wish I knew your vet, I would be on their doorstep DEMANDING answers. It is beyond me why a vet would send a patient home telling their owner it is dying without another word about his finding.

I suggest you go right back to this vet (and I use the term loosely) and not leave until you have ALL the answers you want. That is what he is being paid for.

......and then I would get another vet and a second opinion.
Please , Please let us know what you find out. It would be impossible for us to diagnose your cat, one because we are not doctors and two, a cat needs to be seen and tested for accurate diagnosis.

Will be awaiting your post on the outcome.

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