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my male cat got a bleeding patch in the middle of his neck

can someone plz help me my cat got a bleding patch in the middle of his neck kbut i going better and its turned  all scabish  on it but he  keeps itching it of and blookd comeing out ive been doing the salty water thing and its worked but my male cat keep on itching it a makeing  it bleed what should i do plz give me adivce asap thank you .
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Hello and welcome.  Something like this could be so many things; it's really best to get kitty to the vet.  Could be ringworm or any number of problems.  The area doesn't happen to be where you apply a flea treatment, is it?  I know the cat behind us often has a bald spot at the base of her neck where that treatment is applied.  If this is the case with your cat, he could be allergic.

It could also be an abscess - maybe your kitty was bitten?  Please get her to the vet ASAP, especially since you say there is *something* coming out of it.  

Post back and let us know how kitty is.  
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Hi again.  I see you've posted this same question five times now.  The last time was on Oct28th and your final post that day, you said you were going to take your cat to the vet.  You must not of, so please do so right away!  This could be an abscess and very serious!!!
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