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my male cat has a huge growth on his side

my cat "Rascal " has a huge growth /tumor on the left side of his body , from the spine , down to the ribs and from his shoulder to his back legs ...it just keeps getting bigger and it is solid , not liquid y ...i can't afford a vet , and it is so large that  they probably not recommend surgery anyway ...i'm just wondering if any one else has had a similar problem with their kitty , and what the results were ....he is about 7  years old ...still eating , maybe less than usual ...hiding sometimes and not able to play like he used to ...  
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so sorry for kitty, this so often happens as a results of vaccines....called VAS or vaccine related sarcomas....my opinion only as it would have to be dx'd by a Vet.
I'm afraid it sounds like it has grown too much for surgery to even be an option, and if kitty is starting to eat and play less than usual it has probably metastasized(spread)  into some of his vital organs.
honey I'm afraid IMO all you can do at this point is be very sure to keep kitty comfortable...watch for signs of increased pain...not eating/drinking/changes in behavior....such as going into hiding..are very good indications....and you really need to get him to a Vet for some pain relief medications, its not fair for your kitty to suffer, the cost of this isn't that high, the visit perhaps $50 or less and a few dollars for medication, if you cannot afford this please seek a clinic that will put the kitty down and not allow him to suffer. I'm sorry to be so frank but you do have to find away to do this for your kitties sake. Most Vet clinic's will set up a payment schedule for you. please, please don't let him suffer, this is your responsibility as a pet owner...♥
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I agree w/ Opus, this cat NEEDS to see a vet now.  He should've been seen by a vet a long time ago, it sounds like.  I can't even imagine how painful that growth is for him.  

Please call your local SPCA and/or the Humane Society explain how dire this situation is, and I am pretty sure they WILL help.  They help people w/ limited income.

Don't put this off any longer, your cat is suffering.
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Please listen to these women and take their advice. Kitty needs to see a vet. I think you can do very little or nothing at home for this poor cat.

So sorry you don't have resources now. Keep searching though. You have options available to you.
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wow Prettykitty1...............it is sooooo nice to see your name popping up once again, my Gosh but we've all missed you hon!!!
Write us a long journal and tell us how you are doing, hope everything has healed and you are back to your prebirth self...
We want to hear about you and all about baby Noah too......Happy b'day little sweet heart, I see you are 4 months old today!!! we'd love to see some photos.
take care Pk and welcome back, sure hope to be hearing more from you....♥
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