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nursing cat won't put on weight.

have a cat and she is 3. she just had a lovely litter of 5 kittens. shes always been way to skinny but now shes just skin and bones. the vet said she did not have worms and took her blood and told me everything was fine she just needs to gain weight. i have her on kitten food,  this kitten milk supplement that the vet told me to get and i make her homemade food. she eats all of it and is just getting worse! there are no other cats to take her food whats up? i need to get her to put on weight now and keep it on after she stops nursing. help!
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Make sure that there is food for her at all times. She is feeding her kittens and they are taking everything plus from poor mama.
If she acts anything but normal, take her to the Vet again. Watch that the kittens are putting on weight and that should tell you that mommy is getting enough nutrition.
Good luck : )
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Are you sure she's eating enough? It may be neccessary to force feed her.

If you're cooking for her be sure to include lots of high protien stuff as well. Raw or cooked chicken, fish, etc...
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