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pain meds for cats

Can you give tylenol or advil to cats with a tooth ache/abcess?
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NEVER. Very toxic for cats.....get a prescription from the Vet Buprinorpine works very good  for tooth pain, please do not fool with these other meds, would kill your kitty
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How do you know that what is bothering the cat is tooth pain?  Can you take the cat to see the vet?
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Well she is 15yrs old and lost all teeth except the bottom fang on right side it is black at bottom of tooth. I can't afford $300+ for extraction. I called a vet today and asked it we could just wrap her up numb it and pull it w/out cost of anesthesia I was told no. I mixed tuna juice w/ amoxicillin cap(500mg)  and gave her 32mg hoping to help her infection and pain. Have you ever known any vets to use local to pull a tooth? She is a little back of bones prob less than 4lbs she can eat canned food but I can't get any weight on her.
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I have some tramadol can cats take that? Is there any over the counter pain meds? Aspirin?
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NO, you can't give your cat tramadol.  

If you truly care about your cat, PLEASE take her to the humane society or SPCA.  They will help her and will probably do the dental work to relieve your poor cat from the misery that she is obviously in.

Do the right thing.  Have you ever had a bad tooth?  Do you know what it feels like?????  Your poor cat is in too much pain to eat.
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Don't give a cat aspirin, it is toxic to cats.
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Aspirin is actually LESS toxic than Tylenol and ibuprofen. My vet actually prescribed it yrs ago, but in tiny doses.
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