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My cat was DX w pancreatitius & met all symptoms for a few weeks / the meds worked but it got bad. Then a big turn happened. He started eating & now won't stop! His constant meowing is driving me crazy.he lost weight whwhen really sick. He is still underweight but why does he demand food 24/7? I'm so stressed out I can't think straight. Upset too if his DX was wrong we spent so much $$ on labs/meds. Now I'm not sure/don't think he has it! Help. Thanks
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Hi Chery,

Well one of the main functions of the Pancreas is to make insulin for sugar metabolism. Without insulin the body cannot utilize sugar. Sooo If I were you I would have the little one tested for sugar in the urine which is called Glycosuria. If it is positive he may have diabetes.

In the early stages of diabetes a cat will try and compensate for the inability to utilize blood sugar by eating more FOOD!

This may be what is happening now since the pancreas has been compromised. I would check with your vet to be sure this is addressed, K?

....and if you think I just know this off the top of my head, ooh NOOOO!

I have a wonderful reference guide that makes me sound brilliant, LOL!

Please keep us posted if you will.

The best to you both,
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Hi Cheryl,

Just checking in. What is the latest! Hope you have some answers.

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Hi Cheryl,

I agree with CML's suggestions. Our cat, Sammy, was diagnosed with diabetes more than 2 years ago through a blood test. When he was diagnosed, he had lost quite a lot of weight and the vet couldn't understand why Sammy was losing so much weight. I would definitely bring your cat back to your vet and ask for a blood test. You could also ask for a fructosamine test to see how much sugar is in your cat's blood. I wish you and you cat well. I would get your kitty to his vet asap.   Eve
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