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rectal bleeding in senior cat

I have a senior cat, 14 yrs old. Lately I have noticed some spotting in the places she sleeps. I assume it is rectal although I have not actually seen the blood being excreted. Her stools have also been loose lately. Does anyone have any similar experiences?

I adopted a 4 month old cat about 2 months ago, very active and tends to be a bit of a pest with my older cat. Don't know if this has anything to do with my problem, but thought i'd mention it.
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Is this dark blood? If so it could be a sign of a more serious internal issue. A lighter spotting would be possibly hemorrhoids...which would suggest at the least an adjustment in diet to account for his growing age.

However...don't rule out something else. Check kitty's paw pads carefully. It's possible a pad injury or torn claw could be the source.

In any case, especially if it's a dark colored blood or looks/smells as if it contains infectious material...I'd definitely do a vet visit (a good idea in any case. A blood workup would let you know if there's any issues that would call for special diet needs).
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my male cat age 5yrs also has bleeding from anal blood smells infectious and too dark.
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Try to catch her using her litter box.  Does she seem to be straining to urinate or deficate?  Does she go outside?  Has the kitten been dewormed?   Do they share the same litter box?  It could be hemorrhoids, it could be a parasitic infection, it could be a urinary track infection.  I could also be from the the kitten pestering if the kitten has scratched your older cat.  They are pretty exuberant at that age and still hive very pointed little claws that they haven't learned to keep retracted yet.  Inspect your older cat for any scratches or redness or swelling around the anal area.
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