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skin problem

My cat has big scabby patches all over his back and sides.  What is it and can I treat it at home.  A vet trip is impossible with the money situation but something needs to be done it looks horrible, but it does not seem to bother him.
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Try picking up an athlete's foot cream and using it twice daily for two weeks. It's probably ringworm and he active ingredient is the same for people/cats.
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Thank you so much I'll get it right away.
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i have a question.  i have an apple head siamese he has been really scratting lately.  and it is causing scabs on his back.  do you know anything we can put on him.  
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This could be;

1: Fleas. Try a hartz or frontline back of the neck drops. Depending on your cat's coloration they aren't always easy to spot.

2: ringworm. The above cream applied to the scabby area would clear it up. Ringworm presents as flaky scabs at it's worst.

3: dry skin. An irritating problem. Try a daub of some form if infant/child skin softener/moisturizer that's safe for ingestion.

4:Is the fur in the region brittle/breaks easily? If so, it could be a genetic disposition that's not uncommon. It's not easily treatable that I'm aware of, but #3 will help alleviate the dryness and itching.

there are other things it could be, but an in person vet visit would be best to check him out if none of the above helps. I listed them in order of which should be done first. Give it a day after applying the flea drops before trying the ringworm cream.
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BTW, some cats are allergic to flea bites, so getting an over reaction like this isn't unusual.
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yeah i forgot to tell you that it didnt happen until we put frontline on him.  we really didnt see flees .  we saw 2 or 3.  and put that stuff and that is when he got like this.  it doesnt bother him at all.  we have been giving him a bath and that seems to help.  thanks for everything
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no prob. it could be a poison sensitivity. Or...you use that stuff, and the fleas run about like crazy for a while, which is fairly intense for the cat! :)
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I have several cats with the same scabby sores.  It doesn't appear to be ring worm, as the sores are all shapes & sizes.  It started on one cat and spread to two others.  Not all the cats have it.  Could it be something else?  The scabs are huge!
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If it isn't ringworm (not responding to ringworm treatment), there's a good chance it is mange. The easiest treatment is a one time shot from the vet.
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